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A short sweet beginers guide to seo

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Just saw this the other day and wanted to share it with you. It is a short article that Matt Cutts posted about some basic search engine optimization techniques. Even if you are not building your sites with SEO in mind this article contains some very fast and easy to use ideas that can help you get some free search engine traffic.

Here is the article.

ICANN relaxes TLD process and reopens the door for xxx TLD

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Today ICANN voted to relax the rules for top level TLD extensions. Everyone knows the .com and .net extension but this new ruling would allow anyone that had the money (it could be as much as 500K) and the correct technical capacity to register a TLD extension. So you can now have .yourname or .age or .hotels or whatever you wanted.

This then opens the door back up for .xxx. There is no doubt that they will apply for this when applications are taken sometime next year. There is still a review process, but that process is going to be much less strenuous. On the positive side it would make .xxx a lot less of a unique thing because you know people will want .sex or .porn and there will also be many other extensions. There is also still the chance it would be rejected. Many non-porn people are opposed to .xxx because they feel it would legitimize the porn industry. If all of them and the industry itself spoke out against it then it still could be rejected.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next year or so.

RIP Texasdreams

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Today was a sad day for a lot of adult webmasters. Texasdreams, a webmaster who was involved with Home Grown Video for a long time was found dead in his apartment. A while back he said he was not feeling well and left the company. He believed, in part, that the stress of the business was hurting his health and he needed to take care of himself.

For a long time nobody heard from him and he seemed to have just disappeared. That is not uncommon – especially in the adult biz, but even those that knew him privately said they could not get in touch with him. The manager of the apartment complex he was living in grew worried when they couldn’t contact him so they contacted Home Grown and learned of his health issue. The manger and a member of the Home Grown staff went into the apartment and found him. He appears to have been dead for around a month.

I met Mark AKA Texasdreams a couple of times and knew him as a good, honest guy who worked hard and was a straight shooter. I don’t know what saddens me more. That he died, or that it took a month before anyone knew he was dead. I know he didn’t have a lot of friends of family, but I had no idea he was that out of contact with people.

My condolences go out to his friends, co-workers and colleagues and any unknown family that he may have.

Don’t Be Stupid

Monday, February 25th, 2008

The last week has been kind of crazy on the webmaster boards. There has been much talk about tube sites which I will get into in a few days, but there have been many other heated conversations. There was a thread I was involved in that discussed a recent current event. Most people in the thread, as you would expect, were pretty cool. They made their points and debated others points and were always pretty respectful. There were a few people calling each other idiots, but that isnt abnormal. The stupid thing was when one guy in the thread started saying some really offensive stuff. He was wishing people dead, encouraging violence and calling for the murders of people. When confronted he struck back, calling people names and really attacking them personally. He got more and more pissed because people couldn’t see his point of view.

Here is the problem. The guy is a representative for a company that has a newer up and coming product. I was planning on giving the product a try because it might actually be useful for what I do, but after reading his words, Im not trying it. There are other like products on the market and this guy’s actions and attitude convinced me to give the other products a try. I was not the only person in the thread to say this. He cost himself at least a few customers including one really major affiliate program. There is no telling how many people read the thread and didnt post in it decided the same thing. Somehow I doubt the company that hired this person was looking for this type of representation.

Imagine if you worked for a company that sold a product. You are on a sales call and while you are talking to prospective customers the conversation turns to some recent news story. You disagree with their point of view and flip out. You start calling them idiots, tell them they should be shot and tell them because they dont agree with your point of view they are so stupid they should be fired and go work at a fast food place. How long do you think you would have a job? Why should the internet be different? Keyboard warriors will always exist. People like to flex and act tough when they can be anonymous and out of range. But if you are a pro and you are working for a company (even if that company is yours) dont be stupid and say things that could cost you customers and cause your reputation to get damaged.

Superbowl Weekend

Friday, February 1st, 2008

You could cancel Christmas and forget Thanksgiving and I wouldn’t really care. For a few of my friends and I Superbowl weekend is the real holiday. We start on Saturday and cook up a big feast, hook up the Xbox 360 to the big screen and eat and play games until late into the night. Then everyone crashes and we wake up first thing in the morning, cook a nice breakfast and start up the food for the game. We play more games, hang out and have fun. It’s a geek’s paradise, nothing but unwashed guys playing video games and eating.

By the time the game comes on we are video gamed out, the women have returned (they take our video game night as an opportunity to have a girl’s night away) and we all hang out together to watch, enjoy and eat. By the time the game is over and the post game show has ended we are pretty shot. I’m not 19 anymore so one weekend like this a year is just about enough.

How does this relate to webmastering? Well, it is a lesson in getting away. It can be easy to get obsessed with your sites, stats and projects. It is important to get away for a day or two every now and then. Hang with your friends, have fun and recharge your batteries. You won’t get burnt out as fast and your business with improve because you feel good, had fun and got to enjoy some of the fruits of your hard labor.