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Want to know why Rick's earning over $500k a year and you're not, or do you just want to know a little more about this industry leader? He provides answers to both!

Welcome to the first edition of our new interview series. We at Webmaster Vault hope to provide you with a look at some of the most interesting and influential webmasters in the industry, as well as some tips (from the best!) on how to improve your web efforts.

Our first subject is the owner and webmaster of the most heavily trafficked adult review site online, His web site is on the cutting edge of referral-based income and is helping many more webmasters cash in on the current review site "craze."

WV: Fill us in on the basics: name, age, location, ballpark income, and favorite Muppets character.TheBestPorn logo.
Rick: 29, Las Vegas, NV. Ballpark Income: Less than Alex Rodriguez, more than Frank Thomas ($500k). Muppet Character: I guess frog, since the only other one I remember is that ugly slut pig.

WV: What originally piqued your interest about working in the adult field?

Rick: It paid far more to deliver porn to people than pizza. Getting in the business was a pure accident. Overnight I was a virtual porn peddler who had never heard of Jenna Jameson (at the time). In the end, its all about making money and hopefully providing a meaningful service.

WV: After working in the adult field for the past number of years, what keeps things fresh and motivating for you?

Rick: Building unique products and the dreams of earning a better lifestyle keep me motivated. This business can get stale quickly if you let it. But with a little patience and creativity, this industry always seems to re-invent new opportunities. I have a lot of confidence in myself and our staff. No matter what direction we choose, I know were capable of creating a superior product. It took us a few years to find that golden egg. Not many people remember our previous sites (, EroticRanks, AmateurRanks, AmateurMasters) but the knowledge I took from each experience prepared us for the review site "boom". Times actually got desperate and was actually our last ditch effort before my long-time loyal partners would have to find new jobs. Desperation can be and was the best motivator at the time. Today its the opportunity to build on a long-term money machine that keeps the motor running.

WV: Many people seem to believe they can spend a couple of hours putting together a rag-tag adult site and become rich. How much time and effort do you put into maintaining TheBestPorn?

Rick: To me, its always about creating something great. Being unique is the most important thing in any business. Working hard is a minor ingredient. Putting a strong team together is another. Im lucky to have a company that doesnt need to be micromanaged, and a site that is well automated. That leaves most of my day concentrating on development, which is what I do best. Working to improve/expand our site is my primary responsibility. I have a pretty modest work schedule in my opinion. Some would say I work about 8-10 hours per day. If I were billing by the hour though, Id say I get in 4-6 quality work hours per day. I waste at least an hour a day on useless blogs, shopping, and message boards. I have it pretty easy these days and it makes waking up much more relaxing. During our "desperate" times, working nights wasnt an option.

WV: What innovation over the past several years has revolutionized the way you conduct business online?

Rick: Instant messaging has allowed our staff to work remotely and stay in close contact. Its not a new innovation, but one that weve only utilized to the max in the last few years. Working at home for everyone has been a huge luxury.
Industry-related, StatsRemote has been a major asset. We earn money from over 1,000 affiliate programs, and it would be close to impossible for us to accurately track our income otherwise. What an amazing product theyve created.

WV: What do you believe is going to be the next big "thing" to hit your area of the industry?

Rick: Getting users involved in the review niche should be the next step. Users trust nobody more than other users. No matter how well we think we know this business, its the users that spend their hard-earned money month after month that know best. Creating a well-moderated and active community is a big challenge, which is why you dont see any user interaction yet on our site. Look for these features to debut at TBP this fall. If were right, this will be the next "big" thing in our corner of the industry.

WV: What is it that sets your work apart? How is it original, and how does it stand out against its competitors?

Rick: Our success lies in the details. We prepared for this day from the beginning. We knew we had to go beyond what was necessary. We did that by having 4 experts review each site instead of just 1. The same 4 reviewers are in charge of every official review. No other site can match the accuracy and consistency of this system. Our scoring model was finely tuned and helps rank 1,000s of sites as well as I know.
Beyond the reviews, our site facts for nearly 10,000 pay-sites have to be one of our staples. We collect more information about each pay-site than any other. Our database is overwhelming and keeping it all organized is a challenge not many wish to take on. Beyond that, were the only I know of to catalogue scores from almost 40 other quality review sites and organize them for users to browse. In the end, it comes down to providing a full experience for our users from beginning to end. From searching, to browsing, to ranking, our site gives users more power than ever before. They may not "get off" on content at our site (no previews at TBP), but they will get the essential information it takes to make a quick educated choice. Its that decision that ultimately converts our traffic into dollars.

WV: For any new webmasters out there, what should their main focus be when starting up their first adult project(s)?
Rick: Build something easy in the beginning to start you off (TGP, Free Site, Links Site) just to get you going. Dont rely on it to pay the bills, just use it to become more aware of the business. Read as much as you can (boards, resources, articles, news) and learn how the business works and where the money flows. If you make any significant money from your first project, then youre well ahead already. Most importantly, youre objective is to simply learn from it. A new webmaster cant rely on this business to pay the bills. Start as a hobby, and eventually you might create an opportunity for yourself.

WV: What is your best piece of advice for new (and seasoned) webmasters as they try and make their web sites(s) their primary source of income?

Rick: After the basics, you can lay a path toward success. You might decide to focus on text-rich sites to try and build on cost-free SE traffic. Another path might be to market yourself and get more involved in the webmaster community. If youre a passive designer like me, you want to fine-tune your skills to create dynamic and appealing web-sites. All in all, theres no easy road to success (anymore) and you have to be prepared to work hard for minimal gains. A lot of webmasters work part-time (or even full-time) for existing companies while gaining experience and knowledge. It takes time to learn the ropes and sometimes it just takes a bit of luck to land an opportunity that changes your life.

WV: Is there anything that you would like to inform our readers about that you are involved in and excited about, a place we can see your ideas in action?
Rick: is my latest portfolio. Every page on the site was developed as a template in my little html program. Our "advanced search" is one of most the dynamic features. Our "special discounts" and "outside reviews" section is something you wont see anywhere else. I get the biggest boner over my team though. Were proud to have Aly Drummond employed with us exclusively. She doesnt stop until everyone is happy about TBP! Our programmer Kevin is the hardest working and talented kid Ive ever worked with. Our reviewers never stop, no matter how burnt out they can get. The rest of the staff just works hard and are so dependable. I cant say enough about each and every one of them!
We have a lot more exciting things to come, I promise that! Look for (user reviews) this fall.

Thanks again to James & Webmaster Vault for this great opportunity.

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