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This past week I was lucky enough to be able to conduct an interview with Charles (a.k.a. WiredGuy) of Charles gives our readers some great insight on how he helps adult websites gain targeted search engine traffic. This is a great interview that should have you re-thinking your SE optimization strategies.

Muffy: How and when did you become involved in the online adult industry?
Charles: I got involved in the adult industry in December of 2000 as a means to improve company profitability from the sagging mainstream economy. It was clear that the economy was not going to improve for some time so I re-evaluated which online industries were profitable and developed a new business model to ensure continued viability for Wired 2000.

Muffy: Tell me a little about your company and how your products / services can benefit adult webmasters.
Charles: Wired 2000 is a search engine optimization (SEO) company, which specializes in precise keyword marketing. Through the use of our keyword tracking system, we are able to identify thousands of search phrases that web surfers have actively searched for in the past 60 days.

Based on this data, we form partnerships with our larger clients and create a personalized marketing pitch specifically tailored to appeal to the surfer based on the search string. Our value proposition is that we present to surfers an extremely personalized sales pitch and increase the probability of achieving a sale. 

For smaller clients, we offer a wide range of software products and online tools to help optimize websites for search engines provided through our resource site, SubmitCorner. Submit Corner also provides complete guides broken down by search engine, submission tools, keyword tools, and tips to improving rankings.

Muffy: What makes your company different from the competition that offers similar products and/or services?
Charles: The biggest differentiating factor is that we use a very unique marketing approach, which operates on a partnership basis. We research the keywords, create targeted tours and optimize the exit consoles in a manner, which has proven to convert at ratios of 1:100 or better. We then host the campaigns and deliver to our clients; surfers that are prepared to make a purchase. Only when our traffic converts do we get paid, we do not charge for the optimization, the keyword research or even for traffic that doesnt convert. By using this business model, we in effect offer our clients a guarantee that our traffic will work.

Muffy: How important is search engine optimization for adult websites?
Charles: Extremely important. Most adult websites use the hit-and-miss approach to search engine marketing in that they acquire the traffic from search engines and hope it converts by using the same tour that they use for TGP or gallery traffic. What most people fail to realize is that when a surfer comes from a search engine, there are some extremely valuable pieces of information that surfer brings with them. For example, which search engine they came from, which ISP the surfer is using and most importantly, the keyword they used to visit your site. Effectively using this information in your sales pitch is exactly what makes search engine traffic extremely valuable.

Muffy: Six or seven years ago, it was a lot easier for websites to get top search engine rankings. How difficult is it for new adult websites to get noticed on the SEs now?
Charles: In todays search engine market, there are hundreds of thousands of adult sites attempting to grab the top rankings. Add to this the fact that search engines are constantly evolving with new algorithms and this makes obtaining good placements a very competitive industry. However, the basic conception of search engine marketing has not changed. Webmasters who develop targeted sites, which are relevant for the selected keywords and keep surfers happy, will do well on search engines.

Muffy: What do you see for the future of SEs? What changes will be made and will it be even more difficult for websites to get listed?
Charles: Search engines are constantly struggling between providing unbiased results and profitability. Its a difficult balancing act determining which side of the scale to favor. On the one hand, quality results will continue to bring eyeballs back each and every day while offering priority listings (for a fee) will fatten the bottom line for the search engines. I believe that were going to continue seeing a mixture of these two types of listings. Websites, which can afford to purchase priority inclusions, can get ranked quickly and those who are just starting out can still obtain traffic so long as their site is relevant.

Muffy: Without giving away all of your secrets, what kind of optimization tips can you give to webmasters to make their sites more search engine friendly?
Charles: Links and rich content. Creating web pages, which contain targeted content on a specific topic, is the first step in creating a good quality page. Within the pages webmasters create, the title tag and the header tag (h1,h2,...) are weighed the most since they are the parts of a web page which are given the most emphasis. For this reason, the keywords that webmasters are targeting should definitely appear in this region as well as the main body of the page. Once you have created a targeted page, one of the biggest factors that will determine your ranking is the amount and quality of links you have coming to that site. Trading links between other relevant sites is a good start and trying to get your site listed on Yahoo or other directories is also a big plus. For sites that are using intensive graphics or flash, make sure to use meta tags and the alt tag in your images such that search engines can index your page accordingly. 

Muffy: Now for a couple of fun questions. What is your favorite adult website and why?
Charles: I would have to say Mac And Bumble, the quality of the photography is absolutely amazing and they always have top-notch models.

Muffy: What is your favorite non-adult website and why?
Charles: Yahoo, its the only portal which is simple in design which has my source for news, sports, games and anything else I need.

Muffy: Thanks Charles. It has been a pleasure! You gave some really valuable advice to our readers.

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