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I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Derek, the new head of Sales and Marketing for Here is what Derek had to say about his new position, his split from, and what is was like to be a newbie in the biz.

Muffy: How and when did you get started in the biz?
Derek: Thats an excellent question. I got started in the biz in 1998 with a company called that at the time focused on producing adult gaming content. I was head of sales and marketing and the gaming content was rare and the quality was there so we soon expanded into picture and video content. I was 22 at the time and it was a dream job. I worked my ass off for them and I loved it.

Muffy: Ok, so what exactly are you doing at the present?
Derek: My job title is the head of Sales and Marketing at and I have been with the company for about two months. My main focus is content sales and promotions, but like most jobs in the adult Internet my responsibilities span across the board from traffic generation to general Webmaster support. 

Muffy: Ok, why dont you tell me a little about what does?
Derek: is a leading edge Content Company Muffy. Our primary focus is providing Webmasters with the highest quality adult video feeds. Our slogan is, “Content produced by Webmasters for Webmasters.” Among the staff we have over 20 years adult experience and we took everything that lacked in content and produced some of the most exciting feeds I have ever seen. SexTvLive is our back-to-basics feed. A 100% live action feed with no upsetting up-sells to drive your members away. We found that up-sells kill retention. We also produce Cruiser Boys. It contains everything that the gay community has been after. The content is original, there is tons of archived content, and its a member favorite or so I have been told time and time again.

Muffy: Do you guys actually produce the feeds yourselves or do you just re-sell them?
Derek: We produce, deliver and maintain all of our content. That is what makes us so unique. We can make changes on the fly. We also have some great cutting edge features like the bi-monthly ChickFest where all the SexTvLive models come out for an evening of fun and naughty games. We have combined award-winning design with the latest technologies. SexTvLive has the ability to profile the connection speed of every one of your members and deliver the optimal video stream rate for the individual user.

Muffy: Why dont you tell me what you love best about working in this industry?
Derek: What’s not to love really: the money, the traveling the girls. I have seen all of North America thanks to this industry. I sometimes chuckle to myself as my friends brave their labor jobs in the winter. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I am truly passionate about what I do so when you love your job it makes everything in life a little bit easier. Work overtime: NO problem.

Muffy: Who is the person that you respect most in this industry?
Derek: Well YNOTBob from YNOTMasters has helped me out tons. That question is impossible to answer because there are so many people. This is the only industry in the world that offers help for free, from ICQ to resource centers and message boards. There are so many people I have respect for that this could be like an academy award speech. I would like to thank MY crew at and Mike at He’s the guy that opened the door for me.

Muffy: Speaking of Xamo would you like to comment on what happened and why you are no longer with them? 
Derek: Sure. Actually, I would rather not. LOL. It was a mutual split. Let me explain

Muffy: Go ahead.
Derek: Are you looking for dirt Muffy?

Muffy: Of course.
Derek: In late 2002, I was looking to expand my knowledge base. I wasn’t the same old Derek and Mike called me on it. He asked me what was up and I told him that I thought I had had enough of the industry. He asked me what I was thinking and I told him that I wanted to go back to school. So, he said he understood and he hired a guy named Ron to help me out and I passed the bucket to him. Mike was revamping Xamo and he wanted the best for me. We still talk and have a mutual respect for each other. It was just time. Sorry no drama. 

Muffy: Hmmm...I think you may be keeping secrets from me still. Ok, when you were a newbie to this industry I am sure that you made some mistakes. What advice would you give to a newbie starting out in this biz?
Derek: No secrets ask me.

Muffy: I was just kidding.
Derek: OK LOL.  Is this all on the record? I can tell you more but you cannot publish it.

Muffy: Ok, just put () around what you dont want published.
Off record discussion continues…

Muffy: Anyways, back to the interview, are you going to answer my question?
Derek: What was the question again?

Muffy: When you were a newbie to this industry I am sure that you made some mistakes. What advice would you give to a newbie starting out in this biz?
Derek: I have learned two things: don’t spam, and if someone has a beef with you, keep it off the message boards. Deal with it like a man and talk it out directly over the phone. If you fucked up then deal with it. You’re human – learn from your mistakes, pay your dues and be the bigger man.

Muffy: Good advice and dont worry my digging is over. Ok, besides the site that you work for, what is your favorite adult website and why?
Derek: Currently, I am totally addicted to CollegeFuckFest. I love the party theme, the girls, and how it reminds me of my days in college. I like how the girls are not porn stars, how they joke its real sex and its such a turn on. The site design and navigation is top notch. I just got a demo user/pass. Its reality porn without making it degrading. I love it.

Muffy: I wrote a site review for recently and I have to agree with you there...its pretty incredible. What things do you see in the near future for this biz? Any changes, good or bad?
Derek: I’m really impressed with where the industry is going. Quality is going up and interactivity is getting more and more common. I still think the adult Internet is in its infancy and I’m excited to see where it will go. 

Muffy: Ok. Thats it. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and I look forward to seeing what comes out with next. 
Derek: Well Muffy, we have some great new products coming out. We just hired Tony, formerly of TrafficDude, and we are launching a new Latino feed.

Derek: Thank you for your time and it was great meeting you in person. Take care.


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