Interview with Holly Moss of HMoss Consulting

With all the chaos and confusion that has been going on in the billing sector of the online adult industry, it may be time to look to some alternative solutions. I recently conducted an interview with Holly Moss of HMoss Consulting, a marketing firm that represents several companies that offer such solutions. Here is what Holly had to say about her company, the state of the industry, and alternative billing solutions.

Muffy: My standard introductory interview question: When and how did you become involved in the online adult industry?
Holly: I became involved in the adult industry when I answered an online ad for a company looking for a customer service manager. I guess you can say I have come a long way since then. I have been working in the online adult market for the last 7 years now.

Muffy: Tell me a little bit more about your consulting company, HMoss Consulting, and what kind of services that you provide.
Holly: During the last year HMoss Consulting has focused its attention to marketing and consulting for alternative payment solution companies. With the problems faced by high-risk merchants from traditional credit card processing, I have chosen to specialize in this area to respond to the demand for alternative solutions. I guess I have kind of carved a niche in the industry for myself. 

At HMoss Consulting we do everything from media buying, PR and promotion, email marketing, ad concepts/copywriting and most importantly building strategic relationships for our clients. 

Muffy: I know that you represent some alternative billing solutions. Can you tell us what these are?
Holly: Sure! Would love to.
  • Goodthinxx Cash – International dialer solutions.
  • Electra Cash – Offer online check processing.
  • CNWB – The online credit card that addresses the concerns of online merchants.

Muffy: Why do you think it is important for adult websites to find alternative billing solutions?
Holly: It is imperative for adult sites to look for additional revenue streams, as the rules set by Visa/MC are getting difficult for us to have a profitable business. Also, we need to get out of the notion that all users have a credit card. Not all online consumers are credit worthy!

However, majority of USA customer have a checking account, so for example accepting online checks, as alternative is important revenue stream for merchants. Also less then 50% of consumers own a credit card in Europe so if you are targeting international countries to expand your market, you must offer than an alternative payment option. 

Therefore, because of maturity in the online market place and rules on the recent credit cards it is important to have additional revenue streams to support your online business.

Muffy: What is your opinion on the hard-line that Visa has taken with webmasters in the past year?
Holly: I believe that Visa is acting in a "self-preservation" mode when they take a hard-line with the adult industry. Governmental forces and the enforcement of the "Patriot Act" have caused the card associations to re-think their positions concerning the continued viability of allowing their product to be used for adult content. 

Additionally, previous poor performance in managing charge backs and fraud by some of the larger and less responsible members of our industry has only reinforced this position for the Associations. 

That is why it is of the utmost importance that todays successful adult Internet businesses explore other "non-traditional" methods of processing such as, private label credit cards (CNWB), international dialers (Goodthinxxx) and online checks (ElectraCash).

Muffy: Were you surprised when PayPal announced that they would no longer accept payment transactions that were for adult material? 
Holly: I guess not. There has been much evidence during the years that payment of financial institution have been discriminatory towards the adult business. 

Muffy: What kind of marketing techniques are you using to promote the alternative billing solutions, in light of all the billing chaos that is occurring at the moment?
Holly: Education and information is currently the best tool. Giving the adult community knowledge of the alternative solutions that are out there and how they can help in their long-term success and growth.

Muffy: What are your predictions for the state of the online adult industry in the next couple of years?
Holly: Despite a concerted effort by the card associations to limit or even eliminate the adult industry, different payment methodologies, creative business structure and the inventive nature of the minds behind todays successful adult internet business will ensure that our industry continues to thrive in the years to come.

The adult industry both brick and mortar and online has been and will continue to be one of the most innovative and willing to embrace new technology. 

Muffy: What is your favorite adult website and why (without being biased to clients)?
Holly: Mmmm.. Not a major surfer. However, I would stay what come to my mind right now is Gofuckyourself website.

GFY right now has a VERY STRONG community environment. I have tremendous respect for value they bring to the adult community. Look I am not saying that they end all be all. There are many great and useful resource boards. GFY is not always the friendliest environment to post a message. However, I do have to hand it to GFY website to currently be the source and destination for industry information. 

Muffy: What is your favorite non-adult website and why?
Holly: – Ease of purchasing products. Also, because I envy their business model and marketing share. 

Muffy: Well thanks for taking the time to speak with me Holly. I want to wish you and your company the best of luck.


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