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Kitty is a true "up and comer", and possibly the hardest working webmistress in the business.

Interview, December 7th, 2001

A frequent and funny poster on GFY, Kitty is a true “up and comer”, and possibly the hardest working webmistress in the business…

*** Now talking in #kitty

qcmoney: Ok.
Kitty: hey

qcmoney: It took a little while to connect.
Kitty: Welcome to #kitty! LOL. That is ok, so let’s do this!

qcmoney: Okay. Why dont you tell me about yourself?
Kitty: What would you like to know?

qcmoney: Where are you from?
Kitty: Well I was born in Tasmania - and now I live in Brisbane Queensland, Australia

qcmoney: You are currently a photographer, correct?
Kitty: Well yes I work as a photographer but that is just a very small part of what I do...

qcmoney: Please tell me more about what you currently are doing in the industry.
Kitty: Okay well currently I run - so besides taking photos I have to do everything that is needed to keep that running - sometimes I still model also. I am also running a content board at and I have a couple of new projects underway - such as and so I keep very busy!

qcmoney: I was just about to say that.  What work did you do prior to getting into the industry?
Kitty: Well I have been working all my life! the list of things I have done is too long - I started doing part-time work when I was 9... I finished school when I was 14 (coz I skipped a few grades) and some of the many things I have done since then are photography, radiography assistant, baker, artist, dance teacher, company secretary and finance manager, marketing director, stripper, topless waitress LOL.

qcmoney: That is a long list! LOL, so I see it was a gradual progression in.
Kitty: I did once list all the jobs I’ve done. It came to like 54 jobs...

qcmoney: Wow
Kitty: Not bad considering I am only 22 now

qcmoney: Wow
Kitty: I just never knew what I wanted to do

qcmoney: How long have you been doing this? Do you think you will make another career move?
Kitty: well I’ve been doing this for under a year- I dont think I’ll change now... Im here to stay - this is the only job I have ever found where I can do ALL the jobs I enjoyed before - but have sooo much variety and work for myself. I could never go back to working for anyone else now...

qcmoney: How long did you know about the industry before you got in?
Kitty: Well I didnt really...

qcmoney: So you found out about it and thought this would be right up your alley then? I hope that is not an American term LOL.
Kitty: Absolutely - I mean I have been dancing and stripping for a few years now, but never really got into photos and web work until this time last year.  All of a sudden I was modeling for a lot of internet photographers and I said to myself - HEY! I can do what they do - I have all the skills so why not?! it was a quick change

qcmoney: Do you consider yourself "new" in the business?
Kitty: Oh yeah for sure -I AM new to THIS industry - but I have a few years experience in doing the same jobs in other industries - but I like this industry better because everyone just accepts you for who you are - and its all pretty cool- ppl are helpful, friendly and we all have a good laugh about things together

qcmoney: Do you have any concerns about working in the industry?
Kitty: Well yeah I do - coz for one thing I truly believe that this industry only has a very short lifespan as it is now... the ass is gonna fall out pretty soon - 2-4 years max..  the phoenix will rise from the ashes but in a new form - but the one thing I DO know is that no matter what happens - ppl will still need content - so I think Im pretty secure in that respect ..especially with things like our live feeds starting soon... I think the industry will shift in that direction soon...

qcmoney: so you feel that the content industry is pretty safe? You feel that the adult porn industry is in for a big change then?
Kitty: Yes content is the one sure thing in this industry – the two things most needed in this biz are content and traffic...

qcmoney: Do you feel there is too much competition in the adult webmaster/pay site market?
Kitty: I like competition - its healthy...there is a lot though - but I think at the end of the day, when things change - Itll really sort out the stayers from the flyby nighters

qcmoney: So the people who are serious and can adapt will stay?
Kitty: Yes that is what I truly believe-

qcmoney: Do you have any mentors in the business?
Kitty: Yes I do - most of whom shall remain anonymous.. but my biggest mentor is my partner.. he has been around since before the very beginning of all this...he has been a real  stayer and he has done some amazing things... even now some of the really big guys still come to him for advice – but he is a really quiet behind the scenes guy.

qcmoney: It helps to have someone like that to work with
Kitty: Yes it does help - he has been an inspiration and he’s is really great to turn to when I have new ideas. I sit and talk it over with him - he knows where things are headed and he always steers me in the right direction.

The funny thing is thought that really he never sat me down and showed me what to do - he just gave me a computer and said "use it"

qcmoney: He must have seen the raw talent inside you kitty ;>
Kitty: I think he did - he always says hes amazed at what I’ve done in such short time.. there are ppl hes been waiting years to get in touch with - I did it in 3 months...LOL but then I have better legs than he does! LOL

qcmoney: Well, if anyone didnt know you are any amazing talent, they probably know it by now ;>  And a shameless plugger too ;>
Kitty: Of course I am! heeheehe

qcmoney: Does working on both sides of the camera give you an advantage or does it present any problems?
Kitty: Actually it is really helpful - it works both ways - being a photographer myself helps me pose or move better coz I know what photographers are looking for - and being a model helps me when I am taking pics - coz I know the limitations a model has and it all just comes together really nicely

qcmoney: Kitty, thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to do an interview.  Is there anything else you would like to plug before we wrap it up? ;>
Kitty: No not really - I think I’ve plugged everything already!! lol - oh yeah maybe one more we are totally overhauling – great resources and forums - Im an administrator there - so I hope to see everyone there soon! heehee
 and besides that Im just gorgeous - so theres a plug for me!

qcmoney: Agreed. How about one last question, since we are talking about you, you are always posting good stuff on GFY, very funny. What is your favorite Monty Python movie?
Kitty: Oh that is easy, Life of Brian.

qcmoney: Hurray!  Mine too.
Kitty: its always been my favorite, always look on the bright side of life... :P

qcmoney: Yes, the ending is terrific.
Kitty: I thought the whole thing was brilliant...but holy grail certainly comes a close second
and anyone who likes MP and the Beatles should watch "The Rutles" its quite obscure - but funny as all hell

qcmoney: The Rutles - I will see if I can find it this weekend.
Kitty: you might have a really hard time finding it... I think it may be spelt ruttles, its a send up of the Beatles story done by Eric Idle. George Harrison helped produce it.

qcmoney: The Rutles - All You Need is Cash (1978) on Amazon
Kitty: hehehee- thats it

qcmoney: Probably wont carry it at Blockbuster
Kitty: No way! lol then again you never know...I think I’ve seen every movie ever produced by Handmade Films

qcmoney: Thanks kitty, Ill look forward to talking with you again.
Kitty: Okay then see you later have a great day babe! Ciao for niao! ;)


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