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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing amateur web girl Nina, of Here is what Nina had to say about her amateur site, her partnership with Lightspeed, her upcoming industry event, and her quirks and turn-ons:

Muffy: The first question, of course, is when and how you got started in this biz?
Nina: I started a little over 2 years ago. My boyfriend Ric and I were running an art collective out at the Walt Whitman Birthplace. We bought a digital video camera to start recording our events and performances. Once you buy a digital camera, one thing can lead to another; we started making our own private dirty movies. Weve both always been big fans of amateur porn and its funny we both kept thinking we wanted to start our own site but were afraid to suggest it. To this day we have no idea who brought it up first, but of course we both jumped on the idea when it surfaced. So, initially it was just for fun and a little money but as I learned about the industry it quickly grew into a real business focused on making money by doing something we love. The best part is I love the business side just as much as the creative side.

Muffy: That is what I think is great about most amateur sites, the fact that the people in them are usually the same people running them. It takes a lot of hard work, creativity, intelligence, and marketing skills to run an amateur site and you are doing a terrific job obviously. So, next question: Can you tell (for those people that may not know) a little bit about what you have on your site and what makes it unique?
Nina: Well, my site is an amateur web girl site. I shoot hardcore with Ric and have done some girl/girl scenes. I do two live cam shows per week and am part of a cam network. The site has thousands of my exclusive pictures and some movie clips; we are moving toward offering a lot of movie content over the next few months. I also have a diary and all the extra feeds that a surfer could want. 

So thats the basics, what makes it unique is we do this "twisted role play", meaning I have different characters that I dress up as, like Sarah the Amish Girl and Babycakes the $10 Crack Whore. Its an exploration of the different sides of myself, I can be innocent or dirty depending on my mood and who I happen to be playing at the moment. This also adds a lot of humor to our site, which I think can be lacking in much of the porn thats out there. Its great to be able to be turned on and laugh at the same time. 

I also run a Book of the Month Club, where my members choose a book, we all read it and then I have a special cam show to discuss the book. Ric and I will dress up in a way that reflects the story or the characters in the book and have sex based upon that idea. For example, last month we did Steel Beach by John Varley (we do A LOT of Sci-Fi); it is set in the future where people can have a sex change any time they want, very easily, and as often as they want. The main character changes from a man to a woman halfway through the story. So Ric and I switched genders, it was hysterical. My members were disturbed, turned on and cracking up.

Muffy: That kind of stuff must be great for member retention! I love the $10 crack whore character. Maybe I will try that for Halloween :-). Recently, you made a merge/partnership with Lightspeed. What kind of advantages does this have for surfers and webmasters looking to promote your site?
Nina: I am very excited about the partnership with Lightspeed, theyve already helped me to improve upon my site in a number of ways, from tweaking my tour to all the extra Lightspeed State content thats on my site. Weve also increased the price of membership and increased the payout to 60% (for the lifetime of the membership). And now there are free hosted galleries people can use to promote my site and were just starting to make video clips available to the webmasters. I think the biggest advantage for everyone involved is with all these extras and my member interaction; my retention rates are very high. 

Muffy: So, the partnership is a win-win situation for everyone! You are having a big weekend of parties coming up - one for your members and one for webmasters. That must be great for the members as well as a great networking opportunity for webmasters. Can you give us some details about the party and maybe a hint of what you have in store?
Nina: Sure, Ive been working hard to make this party a big success. And the response has been amazing; so many people are coming in from all over for these two parties. Theres an Industry Only party on Friday night, Sept 27th. Its in the VIP section of Float, a club in Times Square. Its open bar from 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm with two amazing DJs. Were going to keep the vibe mellow (at least at first) to allow for networking. Then we have the VIP section of another club, Remedy, reserved for anyone who wants to keep the party going. Were also having a Pre-Party Photoshoot at Float from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, but thats only for Amateurs with their own sites. Then were having the big party, called Feel Free, on Saturday night, Sept 28th, this is for Industry, Members of the Amateurs sites and the General Public. Its also at Float, but this night were starting in the VIP section and then making our way down to the main level (Float has three floors, the VIP section is the top two). 

Were striving to create an open-minded atmosphere where people get let their hair down, maybe get naked and party with people who are comfortable with their sexuality. 

All the details for webmasters can be found here:

Its important that everyone registers, or they wont be on the guest list.

Muffy: Too bad I am all the way over in Germany. It sounds like I am going to miss a pretty good party. Ok, what words of wisdom would you give to amateurs, new to the biz, who want to start their own site?
Nina: My biggest rule in all of this is to never do anything Im not comfortable with, especially just for money. There can be this pressure to do it all because it could make sales, but youd only be hurting yourself, both as a person and business wise. The most appealing quality of amateur porn is that it is for real. When you force yourself to do something you dont like, it wont come across as real as when youre enjoying yourself. Hey, if you have a foot fetish, build your site around that idea or if sex in the shower is your thing or you are only comfortable doing some flashing or softcore, it doesnt matter, build upon what you love and the surfers will respond. There are members for every type of site. Dont do what all the other sites are doing, amateurs have an advantage because your members will become involved and interested in you, as an individual, and they will stay a member much longer because of it.

Muffy: Well, that is definitely sound advice and obviously your success proves that it is working for you! Ok, now for some fun questions that will tell us a little bit more about Nina and what she likes. What is your favorite non-porn website?
Nina:  Hmmm... that might be the toughest question youve asked yet, I dont think I can pick just one. But Id have to say sites like: ConsumptionJunction, ErniesHouseofWhoopAss. and SteakandCheese. sites that I can go to for a quick laugh and some twisted humor, especially when I need a break.

Muffy: I am a consumption junction junkie so to speak. The stuff on there amazes me and makes me feel way too normal at the same time. What is your favorite sexual position?
Nina: Doggie style all the way :-)

Muffy: Im with you on that one! Do you have a sexual fantasy that you have not had the chance to play out yet and if so what is it?
Nina: My biggest fantasy, which happens to be Rics too, is to have sex with him and another guy. I doubt it will ever happen but its exciting to think about. I really love the idea of group sex, it my favorite type of porn to look at and erotic stories to read.

Muffy: I am sure that you would have many volunteers lining up to be the other guy ;-) Which celebrity would you like to have sex with the most?
Nina: Thats easy, Orlando Bloom, who plays Legolas in Lord of the Rings, although I would probably want him in character.

Muffy: But of course, it would only be fitting. What is your worst habit?
Nina: Picking my nose... no, Im kidding! Its probably sitting in front of the computer, I’m a workaholic.

Muffy: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Nina: I hate fake people.

Muffy: Ok, last question: Who is the person that you look up to the most?
Nina: Thats a tough one too; there are so many people who have helped me in both my personal life and in this industry. People who I admire for their spirit and hardworking nature. I may have to say Ric, because not only do we have love and equality but he always helps me to grow as a person. I think we both help each other to keep learning and moving forward in living our lives.

Muffy: Sounds like a perfect match :-) I want to thank you so much Nina for taking the time to chat with me. I would like to wish you continued success with your site and I hope your parties are a smashing success (which I know they will be).
Nina: Thanks so much Muffy. This was the most enjoyable interview Ive done yet. And Webmaster Vault is a great site, I love the clean design. 

Muffy: Thanks for the kudos.


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