Interview with Spike Goldberg of Homegrown Video

As promised in my previous article about Acacia and the headaches that they are causing for the online adult industry, I have more information about the situation and what webmasters should expect. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Spike Goldberg, CEO of Homegrown Video, who is leading the crusade against Acacia on behalf of webmasters and the industry in general. Here is what Spike had to say about the validity of Acacia's claims, what could potentially happen as a result of these claims, how webmasters can protect themselves, and finally how webmasters can become involved in the fight.

Muffy: Tell me a little about your company and what kind of programs and 
services you provide.
Spike: We market Homegrown Video content exclusively - via the HomegrownCash affiliate program for amateur mega site HomegrownVideo which leases Homegrowns XXX amateur video content to webmasters, and Homegrown Cams which provides live XXX chat and up-sells with our network of amateur cam girls.

Muffy: How long have you been involved in the adult industry?
Spike: I have been in the industry for 6 years.

Muffy: Now, most webmasters are familiar with Acacia and the problems that they are trying to cause for the adult industry, but could you please explain the situation for those that do not.
Spike: Acacia is seems to be in the business of buying patents and then using the threat of massive legal action to force companies into paying them licensing fees. In our case Acacia is asking companies to pay them royalties on all the streaming done on the web. The royalties vary but they are based on gross revenue on all business that you do, streaming or not. Further, in the case of some companies, they are asking for client lists, the right to do quarterly audits, and they want you to embed code in your media player in order to track your streaming. Make no mistake, Acacia is interested in everyone whether you stream or just have links to streams, and they are coming after everyone.

Muffy: What is your stance in this whole Acacia vs. the adult webmasters issue?
Spike: My personal feeling is that Acacia is using the patent and legal system to extort money from the adult industry. They hoped by suing us with a team of lawyers in a conservative court they would be able to get us all to settle. I find that to be unacceptable. I liken it to a bully with a bat saying give me your lunch money so that youre protected while at school.

Muffy: I know that you are involved with IMPA (Internet Media Protective Association). Could you please explain exactly what this is and how it is helping to fight Acacia?
Spike: The IMPA is made up of industry members who are interested in the future growth of our industry. We all realized that we were going through major changes due to credit card regulations, patent fights, spam issues, and so on. Our response was to follow the example of other industry groups that have helped harness the power of their business community. This in turn will give us more power to deal with such threats. As for the Acacia battle, the IMPA is helping the group of Acacia Defendants put up a fight against this industry affecting litigation, but there are also other issues that the IMPA is supporting like helping webmasters understand the 2257 requirements and trying to assist webmasters in their ongoing fight with hackers. 

Muffy: How can other webmasters get involved with IMPA? Is something set up where people can go make donations?
Spike: The IMPA is currently putting its site together. Once it is ready, we will have information on joining the organization. In the meantime, the URL does have donation information.

Muffy: It was announced recently that CECash has signed a deal with Acacia to license their technology. What do you think of this?
Spike: CE Cash had to do what was right for them. Plus, they are not the only big company that has settled. They were the ones that were exposed. I will say that Ron Levy has always pledged to support the legal fight from the outset and has never changed that position. 

Muffy: Is there anything that webmasters can do to protect themselves from having to pay up to Acacia?
Spike: They do have options. I would suggest they speak with their attorney to see what they suggest. They also can call or e-mail me directly with any questions at or 949-716-8080.

Muffy: What do you think will be the final outcome of this battle?
Spike: I believe Acacia’s patents will be invalidated. Beyond that, the Webmaster community will look back at this and other current issues and say that was the point in which our industry went to another level.

Muffy: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me about this latest threat to the adult online industry. I wish you the best of luck in your fight against Acacia and I encourage all webmasters to get involved, in any way that they can.


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