Intimate Chat with Amateur Web Cam Girl, Racquel

The amateur world plays a large roll in the online adult industry. Here is an interview with amateur web cam girl Racquel. Not only do we get some insight on her industry experiences, but we also get a bit personal!

I have been doing an obscene (pardon the pun) amount of research lately into the amateur world of porn and what drives it into the million-dollar money machine that it is. In order to get a better insight and a clearer perspective of what amateur porn is all about, I called upon a close colleague of mine when I was home for a visit, who runs a content company called Content Guys, to show me the ropes and to give me an inside look into what drives the amateur porn niche. She allowed me to go “behind the scenes” to see how the amateur content is produced, how it is marketed and let me chat with some of the girls who are featured in their feeds. Upon saying that, I have decided to give you guys a taste of one of the girls that I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with. Here is an interview that I conducted with amateur web cam girl, Raquel who currently works on the SexTVLive feed:

Muffy: How and when did you get your start as a web cam girl? 
Racquel: I started out the year that I turned 19. I was headed for college and needed money for tuition. I saw an online ad for a woman-operated agency looking for adult entertainment models. I was so nervous, even calling Aleksandra (my agent) but she made me feel comfortable and let me know that the industry is not just full of slimy people, but those who want to help you achieve your goals. 

Muffy: What do you do in your mainstream life? (i.e. school, other work, etc)
Racquel: I go to school and I am currently hoping to go for my masters. I also enjoy occasionally hitting the nightclubs and shopping of course (what girl doesn’t?). I am definitely into having a little fun.

Muffy: You are in the right industry for fun. Describe an ordinary shift as a web cam girl (i.e. how long, what you do, etc.)
Racquel: The normal workday is around 3 hours long, not including picking out
my outfit and doing my makeup for the day. When my shift starts I like to chat for a little while and ask everyone how his or her day is going. There are usually a couple of guys/girls online that are just not having the best day and need to express it. I listen and then help them smile with a great show. I am pretty easy going and almost anything goes as long as you ask nicely :-)

Muffy: What is the aspect that you like most about being a web cam girl? 
Racquel: I like the adoration, I love the compliments and I enjoy getting to know people from around the world.

Muffy: What do you like least about this line of work? 
Racquel: The stigma that when you work as a cam girl, you possess an IQ that is below average. Many girls who work in this industry are using it as a stepping-stone to another career, so I really hate when people judge.

Muffy: Has any of your fans ever sent you a present? If yes, what was the weirdest thing that you have received? 
Racquel: Sure. I have gotten gifts including jewelry, money, CDs, things like that. The weirdest thing that a fan sent to me was a butt plug that I swear to God was the size of an apple, and the request to use it online. I do not usually like to disappoint my loyal fans but I had to tell the member that it never came in the mail.

Muffy: I am sure that you have creeps that try to chat you up. How do you handle the jerks? 
Racquel: I am glad that I got into the industry when I did, because I learned a lot about how to handle men and the unwanted attention. It seems that just looking like you are in control of the situation is enough to stop anyone from crossing the line. Plus the bounce button is a good way to punish a little without hurting anyone too badly.

Muffy: How many sites do you work for? Can you tell us about each one? 
Racquel: Due to my busy school schedule, I only work for one exclusively at the moment. My agent set me up with this brand new content company that is starting to produce extremely high quality live shows. I am currently featured on the SexTVLive feed.

Muffy: What is your show trademark or something unique that you do in your shows? 
Racquel: Hmmm, my trademark lol. My fans call me mascara girl. I know that toys are interesting but I think that the idea of using something that men see everyday in their wifes makeup case or bathroom is more erotic. Where I place the tube of mascara, well you will have to join me online one day to see.

Muffy: Aside from your own, what is your favorite adult website and why? 
Racquel: Believe it or not I love It has the most amazing looking guys I have ever seen, gay or not. YUMMY

Muffy: What is your secret fantasy? 
Racquel: If I told you it wouldnt be a secret anymore now would it?

Muffy: I suppose. What is your favorite position / sexual preference / favorite toy? 
Racquel: Doggie Style / Hot Guys / A Nice Hard Cock.... Simple eh?

Muffy: Which famous person would you most like to sleep with? 
Racquel: Ben Affleck. If JLo can have him, why not me?

Muffy: Hey, he’s mine too! Ok, last question, what words of wisdom would you give to a web cam girl just starting out?
Racquel: Make sure that the person that represents you is looking out for your best interests. Think about what you want to achieve long term and do not get caught up in the drama.

Muffy: Ok, that’s it. Thanks Racquel for taking the time to speak with me. Good luck on your future endeavors, both in and out of this industry.
Racquel: Thanks Muffy. Take care.


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