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Fill your ears with important information you can use to fatten your billfold.
3 pm EST :: The Ron Stewart Show - With Ron & Frankie P.
Brass, arrogant and funny are three adjectives to best describe the hosts of this webmaster comedy show.
3 pm EST :: Cat Tales - With Cybercat
Be sure to join our host in class every Tuesday to learn how to make money from adult websites. Youll learn from weekly lessons, interviews with seasoned pros and the open Q & A period. Classes are open to new students and veterans alike. After all, even old dogs can learn new tricks.
7 pm EST :: SEO Rockstars - With Oilman
Join Oilman live every week and have your eyes opened to the wide variety of search engine optimization tactics available to you. Covering the sprectrum from low to high risk methods of online marketing this show is guaranteed to make your head spin and keep you thinking.
8 pm EST :: Smut Drs - With Dr. Johnny & Platypus.
Live sex talk with the bad boys of Internet radio.
9 pm EST :: Owned Show - With Gonzo
Keep up to date with the ever changing happenings in the Oprano family.
3 pm EST :: Hump Day Lunch Show - With YNOTBob & LAJ.
It doesnt get any crazier than when Ynot Bob and LAJ team up to talk trash, news, and sex on Wednesdays Hump Day Lunch show. Listen in each Wednesday at 12pm PST/3pm EST for one and a half hours of insanity thats sure to become a staple of your work week!
6 pm EST :: Dirty White Chicks - With Denise
Join Denise, as she reviews Adult Porn Sites from a lesbians point of view, update you on Gay News, take listener calls, review the latest Sex Toys, hear about your Masturbatory Moment and have some laughs with different call-in, or sit-in guests from all over!
7 pm EST :: Domain Masters - With Monte Cahn
This is all about learning how to be the master of your domain....legal rights, domain name monetization, ask questions live from the pros....all right here on DomainMasters!
3 pm EST :: The Porn Philosophers - With Punker Barbie and Vanilla Deville
Porn Philosophers are JUST THAT!!! 2 People in the industry that search into the reason and nature of things; investigate phenomena, and assign rational causes for their existence. Join “Punker Barbie” and “Vanilla Deville” as they take you through a philosophical journey in the Adult Industry. At the same time, making fun of everyone in their path! Listen in EVERY THURSDAY @ NOON PST. To be educated, cultivated, and liberated.
4 pm EST :: AVN Afternoons - With Aly Drummond
AVN Afternoons is hosted by Aly Drummond - presenting the interviews, information and breaking news that only AVN, the global news source of the adult entertainment community can bring you.
3 pm EST :: Pillow Talk- With Twinkley.
Laugh and learn with Twinkley every Friday at noon PST/3PM EST for Pillow Talk! New guests weekly, giveaway prizes, friends and fun. Friday afternoons the time to kick back and relax after a long work week, and theres no one better to chill out with than Twinkley!
5-7 pm EST :: Script School- With TDavid.
Weekly live show on the technical side of webmastering.
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