3xchat Press Releases

3XChat.com is a is client-driven organization that is rapidly getting the recognition as the leader in providing high quality real time proactive chat technology to the adult industry.

With our progressive and enterprising vision, our team is focused on delivering cutting-edge chat technology to provide online communication solutions to businesses and their customers. 3XChat technology platform offers proactive person-to-person interaction capabilities for real-time, sales and customer service solutions, thereby enhancing the online experience.

3XChat.com offers businesses the opportunity to increase sales, lower customer service costs and increase responsiveness to customer needs. We at 3XChat.com are dedicated to providing innovative customer care solutions that lead to your success.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from 3xchat over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

09/27/2002 - 3xchat.com Launches Chat Technology to Convert Adult Site Visitors into Paying Customers.

3xchat.com Launches Chat Technology to Convert Adult Site Visitors into Paying Customers.

Champlain, NY. - September 27, 2002 - 3XChat.com announced today the launch of their innovative chat technology to the Adult Industry, which combines sophisticated real-time Pro-activeâ„¢ communication and online monitoring capabilities to dramatically drive higher online business. A technology for your B2B efforts, as well as a great tool for your B2C.

3xchat.com’s Pro-active chat technology captures potencial business partners’ actions, including web pages visited and the amount of time spent viewing each page, number of visits in a day, week, month, and it also tracks purchase patterns, shopping cart content and other business behaviors. Enabled web sites will receive alert notification when a webmaster or customer enters the web site, and more importantly, a business page where a sales/marketing associate can engage a customer,
conduct a conversation in real time, and provide the right information at the right time to sell, up-sell, or provide partnering information. Businesses utilizing this technology will have a competitive edge in the market place but most importantly will have the capabilities of enhancing the online experience for with a beneficial end result of increased sales.

“The difference between having an online business and an interactive, real time online business that closes sales is the advantage any growth organization would love to have in the market. Now they can,” said John Yanez, President & CEO of 3xchat.com. “Our 3xchat technology now gives businesses the opportunity to create business in the now and not wait for hat the future may bring. Engage potential customers in a conversation while they are on the website, ready to do business.”

For more information on 3xchat chat technology or to schedule an online demonstration of the capabilities & benefits please contact:

Mary D. Beck
Vice President Marketing & Sales