Adult Login Press Releases

You will greatly increase your signups by utilizing our AMC2 cascading processing.
This is done by seamlessly passing your signup traffic through multiple credit card processing companies automatically, this insures if they have a valid credit card, check, phone or pay pal account, they will get approved.
You will no longer loose signups due to a credit card processor that is experiencing technical problems which is so often the case with most other programs.
For more information please read our press release.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Adult Login over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

09/25/2002 - Switches to a Free AVS Switches to a Free AVS has switched to a free signup AVS. There is a new payment system in place where webmasters can now choose $15 per free signup or partner up and earn $10 per active member per month. is providing free 'Mogulized' TGP templates for to use. This now means there is free content, free bannerless TGP/other hosting, free templates, free signups and Catcher sites.

There are now 18 Catcher sites online. These are paysite looking AVS sites which you can promote like you own them by sending hits, any way desired, just like any sponsor program., the original all movie AVS, is now integrated with the system. Webmasters can build movie sites under the global system.