Adult Mega Cash Press Releases

You will greatly increase your signups by utilizing our AMC2 cascading processing. This is done by seamlessly passing your signup traffic through multiple credit card processing companies automatically, this insures if they have a valid credit card, check, phone or pay pal account, they will get approved.

You will no longer loose signups due to a credit card processor that is experiencing technical problems which is so often the case with most other programs.For more information please read our press release.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Adult Mega Cash over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

07/25/2003 - Adult Mega Cash Introduces New Software Features

The AMC3 new features include a follow me module for total exit tracking and payouts, new hosted galleries, gallery of the day, also with integrated and separate stats. dialer payouts and processing along with integrated epoch ezclick stats.

We have added 55 New Hosted galleries and galleries of the day to kick off the new program, new galleries will be added weekly.

The new software also increased access speed several times over from the prior version 2 and currently utilizes the following billing solutions. Epoch, Netbilling, CCbill, PSW, Electracash and nocreditcard. If you have a processing preference just let us know and we can set your account to only use that processor or put them first in the cascading processing chain.

You still have the ability to choose your own tours and send traffic to either a console of console free environment. We were the first to offer 15% webmaster referrals in June 2002 and we continue the tradition, there are many new flash banners to promote AMC Webmaster Referral Program.. And great payouts for ezclick, one click and opt-in mailings.

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