Adult Paymaster Press Releases

Adult PayMaster V.3! We're now offering even more payout options, improved stats so you can monitor traffic performance, hosted galleries, join page link codes, $1.00 webmaster referrals, and a fully customizable linking code center where you choose your payout option and get your code instantly! We've also improved our promo tools center to make rounding up ad tools a snap! And that's not all... new sites, new banners and ads, and more are all in the works and will be available soon!

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Adult Paymaster over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

06/26/2007 - Adult Paymaster Pays $60 Per Signup for Free Trial Revolution

HENDERSON, Nev. – Adult Pay Master ( announced that coinciding with the beginning of the July 4th weekend, APM is inciting a new revolutionary movement, the Free Trial Revolution where webmasters get $60 on all free trial signups.

Like the American patriots that came before them - Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson - Adult Pay Master is declaring an Independence Day for all webmasters this upcoming Friday July 6, 2007. Mark the Friday as the historic day when sixty American dollars fill webmasters’ wallets for each and every free trial signup they attain.

“231 years after George Washington’s army launched a revolution, Adult Paymaster has launched one of their own,” noted an Adult Pay Master liberator. “They fought for freedom, we’re fighting for higher payouts on free trials.”

In addition to the $60 Friday July 6, 2007 Free Trial Revolution, APM keeps up the frontal assault with established affiliate draws.

Muskets fire full force with the APM augmented Webmaster Referral Program, where on top of the standard $1.00 finder’s fee, new webmasters within their first 90 days to the program who send 10 signups receive a $100 bonus.

Fireworks fill the sky as Adult Pay Master keeps revolutionizing the business by providing webmasters with so many features: new payout programs, weekly payouts, RSS Feeds, BYOT (Build Your Own Tour), exportable hosted galleries, gigs of free picture and video content, 100+ niche sites, solo girl sites, webcam sites, CYOT (Control Your Own Trial), toll-free affiliate support number and paying on foreign signups and checks.

There’s never been a better time to become an APM affiliate then during the Free Trial Revolution on Friday July 6, 2007. Get in on all the revolutionary action while making some hard green currency in the process. Visit and become a patriotic Adult Pay Master affiliate today!

05/11/2007 - Adult Paymaster Announces Bonus Payout Promo

HENDERSON, Nev. – Adult Paymaster ( today announced its Free Trial Madness promotion will take place May 24th.

Be A Part Of The Madness is the tagline associated with the promo and it’s an apt one. During Free Trial Madness, payouts on free trial joins will be ratcheted up to an astounding $40.

AdultPaymaster offers affiliates a library of 100+ destination sites, and every one of them is part of the Free Trial Madness.

APM has been in the news a lot lately; most recently, for the launch of V4, the 4th version of the popular program.

The latest iteration of the program includes cosmetic upgrades, new program options and much more.

New programs include a $50 PPS option, a Build Your Own Tour (BYOT) program and a Control Your Own Trial program that allows affiliates to assign custom trial prices at three enticing points. APM also pays $20 for foreign sales and check signups.

For APM affiliates, bi-weekly payouts are a thing of the past, replaced by weekly payouts. Adult Paymaster’s weekly payouts are done by check, epassporte or bankwire.

RSS Feeds, covering 14 separate niches, are now available as well. These join an enormous library of sales and marketing tools that includes banners, buttons, FHGs with full descriptions, free content and more.

Don’t miss out on Free Trial Madness! Be A Part of the Madness! Visit and become an affiliate partner today!

04/23/2007 - Adult Pay Master Version 4.0 Unveiled

HENDERSON, Nev. – Adult Paymaster (, the most progressive adult webmaster program in the biz, today officially unveiled AdultPaymaster 4.0, a completely redesigned affiliate home filled with new payout options, bonus programs and fresh, high-converting destination sites.

Nicknamed V4 by APM principles, the company’s affiliate arm boasts a slick, new look inside and out. Sweeping changes beyond the cosmetic abound, beginning with a reconfigured stats interface that is more intuitive and easier to use than ever before.

The site’s latest iteration is bolstered by new program options. Perhaps most exciting, a $50 PPS program has been added to the mix.

A choice Build Your Own Tour (BYOT) program has been introduced, awarding designers $5 commission per-signup on tours theyve built. Designers can pick from 15+ niches, and affiliates who use the new BYOT tours pocket normal payouts minus $5.

APM has two exciting new bonuses for affiliates. One of which is a New Webmaster Bonus that awards brand new affiliates to the program a $100 bonus once enrollees send 10 joins.

A Comeback Bonus program is now in play. Webmasters who’ve been active in the past and for whatever reason have stopped sending traffic may be eligible for a $250 Comeback Bonus.

A new Control Your Own Trial (CYOT) program is on the table as well. CYOT

offers flexibility, allowing affiliates to assign custom trial prices at three enticing points.

On top of the new earning opportunities, APM affiliates are being paid more often. The company has dispensed with biweekly payouts, and now sends commission checks each week.

With the release of V4, affiliates can now leverage eight new destination sites: two solo girl sites, two vintage porn sites and four niche webcam sites.

V4 makes marketing APM sites even easier.

The company is in constant communication with affiliates, and based on feedback, several new promotional tools and features have been implemented.

RSS Feeds, covering 14 separate niches, are now available. Any or all of these indispensable feeds can be added to blogs, imbuing them with unique, custom stylings and a dynamic feel.

Gallery options have also grown dramatically.

APM’s library of proven FHGs is now exportable, and the export process is a fast, no-nonsense affair. Webmasters need only log into their affiliate admins to begin exporting galleries in one of several customized formats.

Galleries include full descriptions, and come with hosted thumbnails in four popular sizes.

Existing galleries have seen upgrades as well, and coinciding with the release of the new affiliate home, many additional galleries have been added.

More free photo and video content is at the ready, too.

There’s never been a better time to become an APM affiliate. Get in on the action! Visit and become a partner today!

11/01/2002 - Adult PayMaster Announces $40 Per Signup

Adult PayMaster Announces $40 Per Signup

November 1, 2002 - Los Angeles, CA - Adult PayMaster has increased payouts! Beginning November 1st, every affiliate who sends 50 or more signups in a pay period will receive $40
per signup! No fine print, no hassles, no BS. Just send 50 or more signups and you are automatically qualified for the $40 rate! This bonus applies to all signups, including trials and exit consoles. Get signed up with Adult PayMastertoday and take home up to $40 per signup!
Adult PayMaster offers multiple payout options, a massive collection of
affiliate tools, tips, and ads, and 13 high-converting niche sites with
more on the way soon! Visit the site, check out our program, and join the
Adult Paymaster crew! See you there!

09/22/2002 - Adult Paymaster Releases Butt Bang Boys

Adult Paymaster Releases Butt Bang Boys

September 22, 2002 Adult Paymaster is pleased to announce the release of our newest niche site, Butt Bang Boys! If you're looking to cash in on the gay niche market, this is the only site you'll need! Gay sites sell like crazy, and this one is no exception... our conversion ratios during testing were

Butt Bang Boys features loads of high-quality gay photos, downloadable MPEGs that are updated weekly, and a nice array of member extras including gay chat, live gay shows, and even a personals section. Our wide selection of ads, banners, and text links and fresh new content sets for
our affiliates make it easy to get the sales and retain your members! Join Adult Paymaster now to get started!

The addition of Butt Bang Boys brings the number of Adult Paymaster niche sites to thirteen, with more on the way in the next few weeks. With payout options including $35 per signup, $50 per active member, and 60% recurring, No-Console tours, exclusive content for all of our high-converting niche sites, and a library of webmaster tools and tips, Adult Paymaster is the only choice for getting the most out of your traffic! Sign up today at Adult Paymaster and watch your revenue soar!

09/05/2002 - Adult Paymaster Releases Double Dong Divas

Adult Paymaster Releases Double Dong Divas
Adult Paymaster is pleased to announce the release of their newest niche site, Double Dong Divas! Double penetration is an untapped niche, and this site presents it in high style! Boatloads of gorgeous babes taking it in both holes... It's hot, it's nasty, and conversion ratios during testing
prove that surfers love it!

Double Penetration content is hard to find, but Adult Paymaster will have several sets of free content available for affiliates to use on galleries, sites, or wherever! These awesome double penetration pics have never been seen anywhere on the Net, so you can use them on your sites with confidence! Click here to join Adult Paymaster and get in on the Double Dong Divas revolution!

The addition of Double Dong Divas brings the number of Adult Paymaster niche sites to twelve, with more on the way in the next few weeks. With payout options including $35 per signup, $50 per active member, and 60% recurring, exclusive content for all of their high-converting niche sites, and a full array of webmaster tools and tips, Adult Paymaster is the only choice for getting the most out of your traffic! Sign up today at Adult Paymaster and watch your revenue soar!

05/25/2002 - Adult Paymaster Announces Two New Niche Sites

Nov. 18, 2002: Adult Paymaster has launched two new killer niche sites for our affiliates to make money with! Neighborhood Nymphos features a tasty collection of hot amateurs, college coeds, and sexy girls next door, and Tasteless Toons is your headquarters for anime, hentai, and cartoons galore! Both of these awesome sites are loaded with member extras, including downloadable MPEGs, weekly updates, and tons of high-quality content... and our eye-catching banners and ads will have your surfers signing up like mad!

The addition of Neighborhood Nymphos and Tasteless Toons brings the number of Adult Paymaster's high-converting niche sites to 15. Combine that with up to $40 per signup, your choice of payout methods, 5% webmaster referrals, and boatloads of webmaster tips, tricks, and tools, and you'll agree that Adult Paymaster is a must-have on your sponsor list!

Visit us at Adult Paymaster and become a member of the fastest-growing webmaster affiliate program on the Net!