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We introduce Adult Site Surfer, your guide to the world of online pornography. Our goal at ASS is simple - we want to improve your surfing experience. There are literally thousands of scam porn sites out there stealing people's money, giving legitimate webmasters a bad reputation. Imagine an industry where anyone can setup a website that claims to be the biggest in the world, overcharges by double the industry standard price, directly lies to the customer, and gets away with it! This just isn't fair and it's about time someone sorted this mess up. Our site is free to the end user, and we do NOT take bribes. We believe that using ASS to search will help you find exactly what you're looking for. We try to be as widespread as possible when selecting adult sites to review. Whether it's hardcore porn or the girl next door, a porn star, a nude model, or a traditional porn site, we try to cover all the bases. If you have a particular fetish or want to recommend an adult web site for us to review, please do.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Adult Site Surfer over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

07/08/2002 - - Launches the ASS Stuffer Webmaster Program - Launches the ASS Stuffer Webmaster Program

July 8th, 2002, an adult paysite review website, has launched their own unique affiliate program called Stuffer. Basically it allows any webmaster to promote any three A.S.S. website reviews they choose using their own linkcodes.

Here is an example:
A webmaster signs up, then he selects up to 3 sites, from our review database of sites, that he is promoting. Then he ads his own unique link code with his affiliate id for each of the 3 sites he selected, then voila- he has his own custom site review page that he can promote with..

"I signed up for, picked my 3 sites, added my link code, and this is the final outcome:
The "Visit Link" has my own link code in it, so I get a review, and all the credit for it."

“We needed a way to get more people to the site, and we realized that passing along the money with no hassles is the fairest way of doing things.” Says Socks Manly, the company’s president. “Our site will benefit from the increased exposure and traffic, and get some user ratings and comments added to the site, something we really need right now. Give it a go, I think our positive reviews should help convince your users you aren’t promoting low-quality websites and increase conversion ratios.”

The program is setup with an easy to use web interface for webmasters to add and remove the sites they wish to promote. The sites can be changed on the fly at anytime. Choose sites you already promote or browse our directory for something your users may be interested in. is a user-friendly service for surfers to find sites of great quality every time by giving them more information. Our free A.S.S. webmasters program is now operational and running rather smoothly.

More information:
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