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11/01/2002 - Announcing the All Of 'Em To You $40k Content Contest.

Announcing the All Of 'Em To You $40k Content Contest.
November 1, 2002, Win tens of thousands of adult content images, videos and plugins from the best content provider names in the business. Plus the hot new server-script program Content God Pro version to manage it all. There are four incredible prize packages ranging from over $4,000 to the staggering $17,000 Grand Prize -- and there will be only four winners!!

We wish to thank the participating contributors -- a who's who of the adult content providers -- that have made this possible: Fantasy Content, Content Cabinet, Scarlett Net, Python Video, Clutch Content, Oculus, Phoenix Content, Domain Girls, Ademia, Content God, Xamo, Unseen World,
Fresh Photos, Exclusive Content, Photo Gregg, CD Babes, Fetish Brokers, Gramma Cash, Greg Gregory Photography, Zip Content, Best Adult Content, SoBe Girl, Hosted Content, Webmaster Central, Content-Club, Ounique, Reyko, Cool-Content, Adult Content UK and Pix Masters.

How to win? Adult webmasters already subscribing to the daily All Of 'Em To You newsletter are automatically entered into the contest already. If not, when you join up you'll then receive one virtual raffle ticket to the drawing. Want to increase your chances of winning? Use your handy personalized referrer code and for every real and new adult webmaster who joins you get yet another virtual raffle ticket! So with a single referrer you've doubled your odds of winning! The seven-week contest which began October 23rd runs until December 12th, 2002.
Among the highlights of the many top-flight prizes up for grabs include: up to six months of paysite plugins from one vendor, from still another a custom photo and video shoot with 300 photos and 30 minutes of video exclusively licensed to the winner for life, an unlimited-domain content management and site creation application worth $1,400, tens of thousands of legal images, days worth of videos, plugin galleries, feeds and ezines, well over 2000 erotic stories, top-notch anime content and much much more.

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