American Pastime Entertainment Press Releases

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Note: The following are press releases that were released from American Pastime Entertainment over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

09/26/2002 - American Pastime Entertainment Launches

American Pastime Entertainment Launches
September 26, 2002 American Pastime Entertainment announces the launch of its first membership site at American Pastime has been in the adult entertainment market for over 5 years. The past two of which have been online with several web sites. These include The Pastime TGP, The Picture Pervert's TGP, Porno Sex XXX TGP, and TheXmasters Webmaster Resource Community. American Pastime is also the parent company of Internet WebDesign and Hosting.

The new webmaster affiliate program offers a 50% recurring commission for all monthly membership sales, and a flat payment of $74.00 for all yearly memberships. Webmasters will be able to drive traffic to the site by any method they choose., a trusted industry leader in
e-commerce transaction processing with multiple billing options for consumers, is handling the billing and affiliate payouts. Webmasters will have the security and confidence that their payments will always be on time, and secured in advance by Websitebilling. A unique feature in the affiliate linking URL makes click thru reporting 99% accurate.

President of American Pastime, Joe Holcomb, also known as "Pastime Guy" to many webmasters had this to say about the company's new venture. "We have been involved in the development of quite a few adult web sites and on-line businesses at this point. American Pastime is a growing company that has a focus on becoming a solid leader in adult entertainment and related services. We started the company small with one main focus. To learn the on-line end of the business, and expand our base as we grow. We have a significant amount of traffic through our web sites, and the membership based arena is the next natural step in the progression of the company."

"We have found that has been a highly brandable image and name for us. It's something that surfers are remembering easily and returning to often. It has been converting membership based programs at a staggering 1:90 ratio." American Pastime has other membership based sites in development that will be on-line within the next few months. Giving affiliates a variety of options for their traffic.

For more information on the affiliate program or to sign up webmasters can contact or go to

About American Pastime Entertainment:
American Pastime was started in 1998 as an adult business based in Buffalo, NY with the purpose of establishing adult entertainment holdings in the local market. With several private investments it expanded onto the Internet in 2001. Company Owner and President, Joe Holcomb, is a business development consultant with over 10 years of experience. His development company, Empire Business Development, has helped countless businesses expand and grow. He specializes in helping failing and troubled companies re-structure themselves to become profitable. The company's holdings include a consulting practice, two hosting companies, adult and non-adult websites, and private investments.