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Note: The following are press releases that were released from over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

08/23/2004 - Beats Overture in Top Adult Searches

Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Adult search engine has surpassed search engine giant in its number of adult niche search queries.
In a head-to-head comparison with Overture, AskJolene scores significantly better on a number of important adult queries. "This is remarkable," says AskJolene CEO Verheul, "because Overture's total traffic is much bigger than ours. The fact that we beat Overture hands-down on a number of key queries shows that AskJolene does an outstanding job in reaching her target audience."
An overview of the number of key queries in July 2004:



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A real time query log of AskJolene can be found at: is a fully featured adult search engine that delivers over a million of search results to users worldwide every day. It has won international acclaim for its accuracy and its ability to deliver a targeted audience to the websites of content providers.
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08/21/2004 - Improves Relevance by Using Link Popularity and Clustering

Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Today the pioneering adult search engine unveiled a new and improved relevance algorithm, demonstrating her pioneering innovation to serve quality to her visitors.
According to CEO Toine Verheul, the new algorithm is the result of intensive development by AskJolene's team of engineers.
"This is the latest milestone in our continuing effort to make the ultimate search experience on the adult web." says Verheul. "Until now our main focus has been on quantity, freshness and safety. Now that we feel we have tackled these challenges, we can go back and concentrate on the quality of our results."
The new relevance algorithm takes link popularity into account, i.e. the way documents are linked on the web, and uses an unobtrusive form of content clustering to make sure the most relevant results rank high in the result list. The results are Google-like, customer reactions are extremely positive and the performance is phenomenal.
"A real search engine should not impose limits on the way users formulate their queries, otherwise it risks ending up as a dressed up directory service. With our new algorithm we feel that we have preserved that freedom, while providing our users with more focused results. It's the best of both worlds."
About is an advanced search engine for free adult content. It delivers hundreds of thousands of results to users world wide on a daily basis. It is attracting world wide attention, and is rapidly becoming a top property in the adult market.
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04/30/2004 - Introduces Keyword Advertising

Eindhoven, the Netherlands - today announced her new online advertising program. This program brings keyword targeted advertising to the adult web.
"This is a major leap forward. Keyword targeted advertisement has become the norm on the regular web, and with good reason. Now it's time for the adult web to follow suit." says CEO Toine Verheul.
Targeted ads are shown only to users that are actively seeking for the advertised content. Higher relevance results in higher click through ratio's. It also leads to a higher consumer confidence, something which is sorely needed on the adult web.
The new program is fully automated and web based. On advertisers can choose from a broad range of adult categories, select a gallery, banner or text ad position and complete the deal with an online payment.
About AskJolene is a fully featured adult search engine that delivers hundreds of thousands of results to users worldwide every day. It has won international acclaim for its accuracy and its ability to deliver a targeted audience to the websites of content providers.
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02/13/2004 - Indexes Over 500,000 Galleries Daily Indexes Over 500,000 Galleries Daily
February 13, 2004

The world wide web is being indexed on a daily basis. A self-learning gallery classifier automatically filters the galleries from the millions of documents. These galleries are then unlocked in an advanced search engine. The database is updated every day. Galleries that have ceased to exist, redirect to dialers, or server pop-up's are automatically removed.
Database Stats:
Number of duplicate galleries: 68,266
Number of duplicate URLs: 9,407
Number of short galleries: 0
Number of long galleries: 0
Total number rejected: 77,673
Galleries in database: 626,170 - 77,673 = 548,497
Users can search for galleries they're interested in by entering specific queries. AskJolene finds galleries within a hundredth of a second. For example, the query 'sex' returns 75,927 galleries within a fraction of a second.
Despite the little known name and no marketing efforts, surfers have found AskJolene. AskJolene serves over 180,000 queries daily and traffic still increases with 15% each month.
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