AWG Press Releases

In a nutshell, AWGTrade is a professional quality traffic trade script (also known as cj or circle jerk script), except for one detail - it's FREE. We don't take any of your traffic!

Note: The following are press releases that were released from AWG over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

10/06/2002 - Adult Webmaster Gold (AWG) releases AWGTrade, a C-coded Free traffic management script

Adult Webmaster Gold (AWG) releases AWGTrade, a C-coded Free traffic management script

10/6/2002 - AWGTrade will be marketed as the first traffic management "script" written in C (though insisted by the script's programmer that AWGTrade is an application, not a "script") and the first C traffic management script to be self-installing.

C is a compiled programming language considered to be exponentially faster than easy-to-program scripting languages such as PHP and Perl. According to the programmer, after installation, there is no piece of code not written in C.

Another important feature of AWGTrade is its ability to be installed by the end-user. Current C-programmed trade management systems on the market must be installed by the programmer. AWGTrade comes with an auto-installer script for use on the major operating systems that Adult Hosts run. Currently, AWGTrade is available for Linux, FreeBSD, and BSDi.

While AWGTrade is currently released with the most essential features of a traffic management script, an extended list of features is planned for release with AWGTrade version 2 in early 2003 and a pain free upgrade will be included.

AWG currently operates and, among other smaller projects. The market for a free C-coded program was realized in August by Danny Collins, Webmaster Joint's Senior Editor. AWGTrade was programmed by Jeff Dunn, who built off his personal trade scripts written for his gallery post sites. Collins assisted with AWGTrade's web design.

09/26/2002 - Adult Webmaster Gold Becomes Webmaster Joint!

Adult Webmaster Gold Becomes Webmaster Joint!

September 26, 2002 - Dallas, TX - Adult Webmaster Gold has gone through a number of changes in recent months. We have added in-depth workshops to our resource categories. We have included numerous “Quick Tips & Definitions” to aid our visitors. We’ve added a “Topic of the Month” to keep focus on specific subjects throughout each month.

These changes are only touching the surface of our ultimate goals. Many new exciting projects are in the works. More details of new developments will be announced in the near future.

As a part of our changing structure, it became necessary to branch our informative resource site off onto its own unique domain, while leaving the Adult Webmaster Gold brand as a symbol of quality to represent all of our great webmaster products. The new name that was chosen is Webmaster Joint (

We would appreciate if everyone who has an existing link to would change their links as soon as possible. This would help us greatly in our transition. You can find graphics and linking instructions at

As always, we will continue pumping out great articles, tutorials, and reference guides, along with links to quality resources and a great place to communicate with fellow webmasters.