Brain Cash Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Brain Cash over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

06/06/2006 - Peter North and BrainCash enter a legal battle.

California - Late in 2005, Peter North from NorthPole Enterprise decided not to renew the partnership agreement with, aka HVL CyberWeb Solutions Inc, in order to develop and grow its Internet business with other partners. The agreement between Peter North and BrainCash is regarding the management of Peter Norths assets on the Internet, namely his website and the rights to Peter Norths videos.

BrainCash received the notice from Peter North that the agreement wouldnt be renewed. On April 2006, after many discussions between the parties, BrainCash initiated legal actions against NorthPole and Peter North in the Orange County State Court. BrainCash alleges contractual breaches from Peter North that could have affected BrainCashs business.

NorthPole intends to defend itself fully in order to collect all monetary amounts withheld by BrainCash, in order to protect all of his intellectual property that is currently included in the dispute, namely his domain names and the copyrights to his movies. "Its unfortunate that we have to get to this point, but I am confident about my position and I know I will win this case as I have done everything correctly. I firmly disagree with the claims BrainCash included in the lawsuit. I am a respected producer, I run a clean business and will protect my assets in court" states Peter North.

Since the lawsuit as been filed by BrainCash, Internet operations have not been affected and will carry on as usual.