Clear Ecstacy Press Releases

While I may be the star of Clear Ecstasy, this couldn't have been possible without a myriad of people. We wish to thank everyone who sacrificed for us to be as successful as we have been. We also wish to thank our customers who have supported us as well. Thank you all, it couldn't have been possible without you, and it has been a pleasure working with you.

We are located in the desert, near Palm Springs, California in the Good ole' US of A. We are not a large corporation, we are a General Partnership formed between two individuals who have been friends since 2nd grade. The Earth Bound GlassBlowers are assembled from all over the United States, and are absolutely among the most talented, distinguished in the entire world. Our main glass shop is located in San Diego California.

We feel incredibly lucky to have a job where we can help people pursue and capture healthy pleasure and erotic fantasy, and of course, experience Clear Ecstasy.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Clear Ecstacy over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

11/01/2002 - Recives Naked Nicole Endorsement Recives Naked Nicole Endorsement, makers of high-end Pyrex glass dildos, dongs, glass sex toys, marital aids, anal probes, and butt plugs, has announced an endorsement deal with Nicole, as the exclusive supplier of Pyrex toys for all of her web site photo shoots on Clear Ecstasy has already supplied Nicole with some free pyrex glass dildos and the first photo shoots have already been posted in her members area.

“It’s a great deal!” Exclaimed Nicole, “I love my new toys from Clear Ecstasy, they are so cool. I am proud to put my name on such a high quality product, plus I get them for free just to say that! Actually, they are truly unique and they feel great, I get off really good with my new toys.”
The Pyrex toys are in the 200-500 dollar price range. They are a Chec Glass called simax that has an almost crystal appearance and are available in a number of designs and colors. The toys may also be heated prior to use by placing the toy in a bowl of very warm water for a few minutes, the toy will retain the heat.

Nicole concluded with this review of the toys, “The Mole features a realistic round-head, textured marbles on shaft, realistic bend and free standing anal safety base. It’s great for anal and vaginal, it also it’s curved just right to hit your G spot as well. I enjoyed it best vaginally, the marbles are an excellent internal stimulant. My favorite toy so far is called “C’s Choice, it features 2 Separate functional heads, one head is ribbed with bumps, the other head is smooth and round. I really like the smooth end for anal use. I am pretty tight back there and normally am not comfortable with anal, but this toy, “C’s Choice” slides right up there and feels really good.”