Content God Press Releases


Note: The following are press releases that were released from Content God over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

02/25/2003 - Content God Releases New 2.5 Version, Opens Customer Support Center

Dirty Gloves Inc. is proud to announce a major version of its versatile content management system and gallery and site creator, Content God. The just-released Content God 2.5 contains new additions and a number of improvements in the areas of user friendliness and more flexibility. At the same time, we're also proud to announce the addition of a new customer support ticketing system, that includes a knowledge base and will also serve as a file distribution medium for the program owners.

Among the brand new additions is the Htaccess Creator. Now when CG (Content God) users are making sites or TGP galleries they can also create an .htaccess file along with it to prevent hotlinking and to redirect unwanted visitors and poachers to traffic sites or to sponsors. The new module also sports an "open box" feature that has been designed especially for AVS site makers so that they can add in the access paths where their various Adult Verification Systems send members, thereby keeping out unwanted users who may have otherwise accessed those areas via search engines, password sites or other methods.

An improved Submissions Manager now allows the webmaster three views of their choice: the "classic" view, the two-framed view (with site creation history in one frame and the submissions manager in the second), or the three-framed version (similiar to the second but the third frame contains the various traffic sites' submission forms.)

Customer support, which has always been a hallmark with us, has further improved with the addition of a new support area incorporating a job ticketing system; through this our support team can prioritize job requests, not only fixing the most important problems first, but allowing the answering of all customer needs with even greater alacrity. There is a small and growing knowledge base to help not only the CG owners, but which customers can give access to their hosting support to help tackle specific technical issues including how to avoid server conflicts and where to get the latest Perl libraries and modules required.

Further, the new Content God Customer Support Center (CGCSC) will also serve as a file distribution system. Previously the best and only way to get new support files to clients would be by adding them inside each new version of the software. While that is still a desired method and will certainly continue, in between software versions the Support Center will be able to serve as additional medium to distribute files as they are created. Among those will certainly be new site and gallery creation templates as well as new help docs as they become available. Both of these the customer can download, drop into the program, and the "intelligent" software will automatically incorporate them into itself.

"We're constantly striding to add greater flexibility and ease of use to our program, as well as to provide even better customer service to our customers," said Dirty Gloves' CEO, Harry Kenney (aka Dravyk). "With this latest version and the opening of our support center, we've happily met both of those challenges."

What's in the future of Content God? "We're taking time out to rebuild the infrastructure before adding more features. We've put a halt on the 2.x version-line in favor of a six-week development period on the 3.0 version, which will be a from-the-ground-up recoding of the engine. We plan to add some amazing advanced features to Content God, but we realize the smart thing is to first streamline and beef up the underlying code so it can best handle the powerful functions we'll be adding to it."

"One other exciting thing, " said Kenney, "is that the 3.0 version will also have integrated auto-updating. We're taking CGI programs to the next level. Just as Windows programs can now search and tell you if there is a new version and then go get it and install it for you, so will Content God 3.0 and beyond."


01/01/2002 - Content God Surges Forward With Version 2.0

Content God the ultimate content management and site building system created expressly for the adult webmaster, has taken another leap forward with the release of Version 2.0 of the popular serverware suite.

Among the additions and improvements in this major release are: Greatly enhanced system variables now allow for manipulation of colors, backgrounds, links, and META tags, plus individual thumbnail placement and image call-outs; User-created variables added; whatever you want can be a variable, and that can be replaced with: text, linked text, graphic, graphic with URL, Flash, SSI or PHP call-outs, Java, Javascript, etc. Together this from-the-ground-up code restructuring of variables now gives the adult webmaster total control and ultimate flexibility in template design -- and therefore in gallery and site creation -- than in any other program on the market!

AVS standard site creator has been implemented. Pictures of the Day (POTDs) and Galleries of the Day (GOTDs) capability added; make them for your sites, your paysite members area and increase retentions, for your own TGP, or add more sales tools for your affiliate webmasters. Sponsors can easily create static or rotating hosted galleries for their webmasters using Content God. An integrated logo generator module that eliminates the need for external graphics programs to create site titles. A completely revamped and streamlined GUI; program navigation and user-friendliness, one of our hallmarks, has been taken to still another level. Best of all, despite being a major version release the price remains unchanged, keeping it easily half the price of the nearest competition.

All of these new features compliment Content God's existing features which include: total freesite creation including side entrances for links lists; TGP gallery creation with the ability to create hundreds of mirrors; full reciprocal links management; total sponsors management including specific
placement of buttons, banners and FPAs; paysite members area creation; the ability to use specific or random content based on niche; creation history and submissions manager; the integrated WebEditPro module allowing for total on-server HTML page editing; scheduled creation; user management and security permissions for employees; email notifications of site completion; and much more.

The initial 1.0 release came out last August and has had repeated minor version updates until this major new release. Content God is available in two flavors, the Lite version with a five domain limitation and the unlimited-domain Professional version. Webmasters may also purchase the
Lite version and later upgrade to the Pro for the difference in price should they choose.