Cozy Frog Press Releases

With an innovative approach to webmaster resources, Cozy Frog went online in May, 2001. Now it is the flagship for a family of Cozy sites and services.

Right from its inception, Cozy Frog was a labor of love. Life partners Vish and Asia (better known as C-Pimp and Girly) brought this trend-setting site onto the World Wide Web. C-Pimp was already well established in the adult Internet industry with experience in design, marketing, web administration and content production. Girly was a newbie with business seasoning and the desire to create an adult resource site that was friendly, easy and sincere.

Together they built Cozy Frog. Early on, they were lucky to find a wonderful author named Titmowse who has become the head writer and literal voice of the family. They also brought in Raven -a highly regarded industry professional- to enhance this remarkable group. With a hard-working set of talented teamsters and valuable contributors, Cozy Frog became a force to be reckoned with. In the few, short years since Cozy Frog first went online it has grown into one of the most respected and comprehensive adult webmaster resources in our field. Cozy Frog has expanded into a whole network of sites including Cozy Academy, Cozy Campus and Cozy Flash.

Cozy has carved a solid place in the adult Internet. Invaluable support from industry leaders and faithful readers is yet another reason the Cozy family will continue to improve the lives and incomes of adult webmasters.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Cozy Frog over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

12/06/2002 - Cozy Frog Announces New Cozy Campus Forums!

Friday December 6th Montreal, QC - Guess what? For the last few months, the folks at Cozy Academy and Cozy Frog have been very busy little swimmers. In addition to posting fine articles, listings and lessons we have been building a new Internet haven for adult webmasters. That place opens today and we’ve named it Cozy Campus (

Cozy Campus ( is the official message board and meeting place for Cozy Frog and Cozy Academy fans and friends. Finally, new and veteran adult webmasters have a place where they can share and learn in an open, friendly environment. No newbie slams. No hateful tirades. Everyone is welcome!

Our principal board moderator Raven will be on hand when you visit. She’ll make sure threaded discussions move forward in a positive way and that posters will always get to have fun. Raven runs the adult writing service Sin-Text and is a columnist for the Academy Hub magazine. Her experience in our field and her knack for clever phrasing ensures that Cozy Campus is going to be a truly unique destination for you and your peers.

Along with Raven, the rest of the Cozy Crew will be on Campus and just a post away. C-Pimp, Girly, new Cozy writer Steve, our own Titmowse and Cyndalie from Adult Chamber will all be around to answer your questions and help you with your dilemmas. You can be positive that the good guys from Academy and Frog will watch over this new board in the same caring fashion they do with all Cozy sites. You will also get to meet the regulars from our old Cozy Frog message board. These Froggies have made a wonderful community that will only get bigger and better on the new Campus. If you haven’t discovered the warm waters of Cozy, then you’re in for a treat.

Our four forums will provide you with outstanding places in which to promote your venture, get questions answered and meet friends. Our first forum is Cozy Discussion. That’s where you’ll get to shoot the breeze, share jokes and openly discuss all the things important to adult webmasters. Our second forum is the Newbie Help forum. It’s the central meeting place for all you tadpoles. Every question you were afraid to ask will get answered there. Raven and the Cozy Staff will monitor our Newbie Help forum to make sure you are never left alone. Our third is the Spam Board. You can spam to your heart’s content in this forum and you get to do it in a neat, threaded format! Our last forum is perhaps the most exciting one on the Cozy Campus: Cozy Critics. A forum where you can post the URL to your new site and receive constructive, professional criticism invaluable to your growth as an adult webmaster. In our forums you will always be welcome and you will always be in safe waters.

Cozy Campus takes the place of the old Cozy Frog message board and gives Cozy Academy students and fans a site to go to on the net. Now when you want to chat the Cozy way, you’ll do it at the Campus! We worked long and hard to make the hangout a place deserving of the name Cozy. It’s been a long wait but it’s been worth the effort. We are proud to announce that Cozy Campus is officially open!

Get yourself hooked up with a Campus profile using our free signup form! Post Away...Be Good and Most Importantly, Stay Cozy…

For additional info, please visit Cozy Campus ( or e-mail us