CSB Entertainment Press Releases

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Note: The following are press releases that were released from CSB Entertainment over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

07/22/2002 - Tev Joins CSB Entertainment as CEO

Tev Joins CSB Entertainment as CEO

July 22, 2002 - Steve Blaier, President and Owner of CSB Entertainment Group, Inc., takes pleasure in announcing the addition of Dennis Crane,known to the industry as Tev, as the new CEO of his organization, which includes such products as: Erotica Cash, Penis Pill, and Privacy Soft. Tev (tev@csbentertainment) will be closely involved in the day to day operations of CSB's great money-making programs.

Erotica Cash (http://www.eroticacash.com/), a well known, steadily growing affiliate program, offers thirty-one awesome sites, up to $40 per trial pay out and a phenomenal 75% partnership recurring program, Erotica Cash (http://www.eroticacash.com/) is the program that earns webmasters bank.

Penis Pill (http://www.webmaster.penispill.com/mainindex.html?), the Internet's unique penis enlargement herbal product, has gone off the chain with sales. Webmasters make up to $75. per sale. Look for their newest Herbal affiliate program, soon to be announced. New products will be added in the very near future to make webmasters even more money.

Privacy Soft (http://privacysoft.com/ps/main.html), a custom software program, works to erase all Internet history files for those whose computers must be kept clean. Everyone in the industry knows how important
that is and Privacy Soft (http://privacysoft.com/ps/main.html) is selling like hotcakes. Getting $50. per sale, webmasters, who up sell this fantastic product, are smiling all the way to the bank.

Tev (tev@csbentertainment.com), a former network engineer, brings with him several years of marketing experience and computer based knowledge. He's been involved in the adult industry for four years and has run his own sites successfully. According to Tev, joining the CSB Entertainment Group affords him a fantastic opportunity to work closely with webmasters and launch unique, high paying programs. Highly accessible and loaded with innovative ideas, Tev (tev@csbentertainment.com) is looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with all webmasters.