Curious Cash Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Curious Cash over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

05/24/2006 - CuriousCash Bonus Giveaway!

CuriousCash is rewarding webmasters for helping make the continuing success of it's program so outstanding.

EVERY affiliate has the chance to win bonus payouts in June and July whether they send 1 join or 5000 joins !!

The top sales affiliate, the affiliate who sends the most sales to CuriousCash in June and July will get a $1000 cash bonus !

The top traffic affiliate, the affiliate who sends the most unique hits to CuriousCash in June and July will also get a $1000 cash bonus !

And finally, our most improved active affiliate, the affiliate who sends the biggest relative percentage increase in joins in June and July over what they sent in April and May also gets a quick $1000 !!

Jump aboard the CuriousCash Gravy Train for bonuses in June and July. We convert and retain way above industry averages - because we shoot all our own great content and provide some of the most progressive marketing tools in the business and excellent affiliate support.

Since 1999, CuriousCash has grown from one site, to a massive 33 and still growing strong - all built on the 100% exclusive and original content shot by CuriousTim himself

If you have never promoted CuriousCash come over and see why many other webmasters send their gay/bi/curious traffic to one of the pioneers of the young straight boy niche.

05/14/2006 - CuriousCash Boosts Webmaster Payouts

(Australia) Curious Tim, of the innovative, trend setting affiliate program, CuriousCash (, announces higher payouts for webmasters, effective May 1, 2006. CuriousCash has doubled its numbers since January of 2006 and wants to share the love with their loyal webmasters. In recognition of continuing affiliate support, CuriousTim has created a win-win situation by increasing almost all of the payout amounts, while reducing most of the qualifying levels.

With exclusive content and excellent webmaster tools, CuriousCash wants to show you the money!

Compare the old with the new!

To get to the level of 60% revshare - with the old payout levels, you needed to send 100+ joins per month. Now all you need is just 25 joins.

To get to the level of 65% revshare - with the old payout levels you had to send 350+ joins per month. Now, sending 95 joins gets you bumped to the next payment level.

To further show webmasters how serious Curious Cash is about increasing payments, here is a view of the old system and the new system of revenue sharing with Curious Cash Webmasters:

What you NOW get paid with CuriousCash Revshare, effective 1 May 06

Joins per Month

Revshare %You Get









What you USED TO get paid with CuriousCash Revshare

Joins per Month

Revshare %You Get













With dynamic banners and loads of great marketing material, CuriousCash provides the tools webmasters need to presell over 30 sites that have fresh, original Hot Boy Models. These exclusive sites convert and retain surfers. Powered by MPA3, webmasters are assured of accurate and detailed stats tracking. The CuriousCash Gravy Train continues to Rock! CuriousTim, Webmaster Dan, CuriousToyboy, Curious Jesse and the rest of the CuriousCash crew look forward to seeing you at the bar, aboard the train, toasting our mutual success. Everyone now makes more money with CuriousCash!

05/05/2006 - CuriousCash Breaks The 257 Fresh Boy Models Barrier

CuriousTim has cracked another major milestone in the continued rise of his affiliate program,

Tim this week photographed his 275th fresh boy model!

Thats 275 fresh boy models that have graced the front of his camera and video lens, and of course then his websites, since 1999.

In that time, CuriousCash has grown from one site, to a massive 30 and still growing strong - all built on the 100% exclusive and original content shot by CuriousTim himself.

Come and visit CuriousCash and see why many other webmasters send their gay/bi/curious traffic to one of the pioneers of the young straight boy niche.

04/30/2006 - Curious Cash Launches Curious Cinema

CuriousCash takes a further leap forward as the nets premier gay/bi/curious affiliate program with the launch of its latest of 30+ sites,

CuriousCinema is a high definition video site offering surfers downloadable content and streaming video from the CuriousCash and range of movies.

"The site is the natural technological evolution of the long standing video site,, improving delivery to surfers as they are now coming to expect on the internet", said owner Curious Tim Hamilton.

Utilizing OsCommerce Shopping Cart System and the readily available MyVirtualCard plugin module for this shopping cart system, CuriousCinema gains functionality far exceeding its original design specifications. "The level of assistance and support offered by MVC made the integration relatively easy and pain free and also opened a whole lot of doors in future development of this site", Hamilton went on to say.

In addition to the ability to download and stream movies directly, CuriousCinema also offers surfers an extended membership area to allow for multiple viewing and/or purchases. The next logicial iteration of sale of specific scenes is also currently under development and expected for release in a few weeks.

CuriousCash has always prided itself on staying abreast of the latest in consumer and internet technologies and this does not stop with the current features of the new CuriousCinema.

In the final stages of development are also IPOD, PSP and mobile phone download options for the site, which will be added progressively over coming weeks. Affiliates stand to gain also with these varied methods of delivery all being designed for full sales credit through the MPA3 affiliate tracking system.

"CuriousCinema is to be our main point of online video distribution and as such we endeavor to give it every bell and whistle possible to ensure it performs at and above our, our surfers and our webmasters, expectations. CuriousCinema puts us back at the top of the technology pile, where we should be", Hamilton proudly boasted.

CuriousCinema will be available for affiliate promotion via