DHD Media Press Releases

If you are selling products, services or content on the Internet then DHD Media can help you do it better with a turnkey solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Our DigiBill© real-time Credit Card Billing, Processing and Fraud protection systems are widely recognized by the banking community as the most secure, efficient and effective in use on the Internet today.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from DHD Media over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

10/04/2006 - Badpuppy Selects DHD Media for Processing

October 3, 2006
COCOA, Fl – For more than a decade, Badpuppy (www.Badpuppy.com) and affiliate program arm PuppyCash.com have worked in concert to keep consumers enthralled and adult Internet professionals in the black. Today, Badpuppy announced it has tapped DHD Media (www.DHDMedia.com) to handle all of its primary processing needs.

Thanks to rock-solid management of merchant accounts, best-in-breed technology, and 24/7 performance and reliability, DHD has been responsible for overseeing leading-edge adult Internet companies’ critical services for nearly ten years.

Said Badpuppy CEO Bill Pinyon, “Since day one, we’ve controlled all processing in-house, so obviously we were meticulous when it came to selecting a third-party organization to oversee our vital infrastructural needs. DHD Media was the perfect choice, the only choice.”

DHD Media has long been recognized as the best processor of high-risk transactions on the planet; and its reporting system, which is wholly customizable and accurate down to the most granular statistical level, allows every client to make strategic marketing decisions based on verified, accurate data.

Offered DHD’s CEO Ron Jenkins, “Every DHD Media service is in place to satisfy clients’ short and long-term goals. Badpuppy is an industry pioneer, and we’re proud to play a key role in their present and future successes.”

At the end of the day, perhaps DHD’s most prized feature is the one that cuts directly to the grain: Clients simply make more money processing with DHD Media. The company’s superior scrubbing mechanism accepts more good transactions while, simultaneously, declining more of the bad ones.

Over the past few months, several high-profile companies have announced partnerships or expansions of services with DHD, among them Falcon Studios, AEBC and Homegrown Video.

Discover why the industry’s biggest names rely on DHD Media to handle their vital e-commerce needs. Visit www.DHDMedia.com or Email info@dhdmedia.com today!

09/21/2006 - HomeGrown Video Adds DHD Media Services to Company Infrastructure

LOS ANGELES, CA – Homegrown Video today announced it has integrated DHD Media’s Customer Support, merchant processing and RevEx affiliate platform into the company’s on and offline infrastructure.

The new customer support system adds a phalanx of customer service representatives to the Homegrown Video team. Highly-trained, well-spoken and technologically fluent, the new reps are available to assist Homegrown customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

Callers begin benefiting from DHD’s Customer Support the moment a call is made—there are no endless phone trees, no voicemail messages, and no irritating busy signals.

Uncompromising Email support is also included; no matter the day or time, representatives are standing by to provide answers in 45 minutes or less.

Rounding out the service is a cadre of online support tools that allow customers to quickly and easily troubleshoot problems and fix them in real time.

Said Homegrown CEO Spike Goldberg, “ This move speaks to the maturing online atmosphere. Surfers are far more sophisticated than they were a few years ago. They understand that they have options; they need to feel like their business is valued, respected, appreciated.”

Homegrown also joins ranks with other industry leaders who use DHD’s RevEx platform to centralize and manage all of their affiliate program needs. The comprehensive service handles everything, including administration, payouts, tracking and real-time online reporting.

“The switch to DHD Media was a breeze,” offered Spike, “and since adding RevEx, we’ve noted signup increases, and profited from the top-notch management of our processing account. Ron is a class act. Work with him and see. You always end up making more money.”

DHD CEO Ron Jenkins is pleased to count Homegrown as a client.

“Homegrown Video is a true pioneer, and a company that transcends adult, frequently appearing in pop cultural articles and exposés. DHD Media is the leader’s choice, and it will suffice to say that Spike’s company definitely qualifies.”

07/19/2006 - Amazing Networks Expands Internet Operations with DHD Media

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 LOS ANGELES, Calif. – DHD Media (www.DHDMedia.com), the full-service payment processing, e-commerce and DRM company announced today that Amazing Networks has completely adopted its full suite of services in Metro’s highly-successful expansion of its online presence.

Amazing Networks, which is affiliated with Metro Interactive and Metro Studios, is a long-time leader in the creation, distribution and sales of adult entertainment across all media. Its broad range of websites, including adult DVD rentals with GoFlix.com, ecommerce with Amazingdirect.com, Dvdexplorer.com and Nitetimetoys.com, VOD with MetroMovies.com, and its group of content sites led by MetroXXX.com, have leveraged DHD’s fully integrated payment processing, customer support, RevEx affiliate program, hosting, streaming and digital rights management tools to increase online revenues and overall profitability.

Amazing’s Special Projects Manager, Matt Corona, stated “Metro is a company with a long history as a leader in our field. By working with the team at DHD Media we’re able to bring our top-quality products online more effectively and more profitably. They’ve collaborated with us in thoughtfully integrating the services, and transitioning to a much more a consolidated delivery system. It really helps us maintain a consistently high quality customer experience, and at the same time increase our marketing options.”

“At DHD Media our pride comes from the satisfaction of our clients and our ability to help them achieve their goals,” said Ron Jenkins, CEO of DHD Media. “We understand that a megasite like Amazing’s, and a company with the track-record of success that they’ve established, has customized needs. We’re very pleased to be able to meet these needs.”

Amazing Networks’s combination of megasite and variety of niche sites fits perfectly with DHD Media’s integrated solutions and ability to customize.

For Internet billing management, DHD Media is delivering real-time transaction processing, worry-free recurring billing, secure order capture and the most advanced account management system in the world.

Online portal DigiGear© provides rigorous real-time reporting and a comprehensive arsenal of promotional tools, so Metro can nimbly interpret stats and spearhead fresh, targeted marketing campaigns.

For webmasters, DHD’s proprietary RevEx service supports and administers Metro’s affiliate program and centralizes all transaction records. Affiliate partners have access to a robust battery of data that informs the decision-making process and fuels successful business strategies.

DHD Media is also providing Metro with its best-in-breed DRM solution, a unified collection of services that includes managed hosting, robust streaming and smart, custom encoding.

“Metro and Amazing provide the best entertainment experience for its dedicated and enormous body of consumers, and DHD provides the most secure, cost-effective media deployment for Amazing,” said Jenkins.

Discover why the industry’s biggest names rely on DHD Media to handle their vital e-commerce needs. Visit www.DHDMedia.com or Email info@dhdmedia.com today!