Dirty Gloves Inc. Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Dirty Gloves Inc. over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

06/25/2003 - Dirty Gloves Inc. Announces The Release Of Boards Scanner

Dirty Gloves Inc. is proud to announce the release of Boards Scanner http://www.boardscanner.com as the latest addition to its adult webmaster resource, All Of 'Em. http://www.allofem.com

This newest free service can be accessed through both the main All Of 'Em site as well as going to the side domain start page at BoardScanner.com. The new webmaster area and tool opens today with the monitoring of 25 adult webmaster resources. The scanner is updated constantly and in real-time. It defaults to a listing containg all of the boards it monitors and with the most recent 100 posts. The boards can be toggled to show or ignore whichever boards the user wishes, as well as the ability to see 500 or 1000 of the most recents threads, or every post made over the past 24 hours. Additionally, webmaster users can search by thread subject and by topic author.

Netpond Threaded, XBiz, Go Fuck Yourself, Greenguy and Jim, and Tuna Fish Bitch are among those resources in the list. While the scanner does 25 resources, if those resources have additional forums, all of them are being scanned, effectively then Boards Scanner is monitoring well close to 150 seperate forums and their postings on a continuous basis.

All Of 'Em, the nearly three year old adult webmaster resource is among its various offerings known for the hand-edited daily board reviews by a six-person core staff. "The hand-edited reviews are going no where," said Dirty Gloves CEO, Harry Kenney, aka Dravyk. "They are a unique service that cannot be duplicated, and certainly not by a script. We feel the new Boards Scanner will compliment the daily board reviews as yet another method for keeping adult webmasters abreast of what is happening in their industry."

Along with the board reviews and the new Boards Scanner, which will be upgraded with additional monitored forums and new features in the future, All Of 'Em also provides daily industry news, tracks the web radio show and chats, as well as the latest articles published at industry portals and ezines. It has its own searchable resources area to find sponsors, hosts, traffic sites and more. And its WebmasterLogin.com area allows webmasters to check their sponsor, third-party processor and AVS stats, place hosting work orders, and takes them to content provider inside areas as well.

Dirty Gloves is currently in an aggressive construction phase and will be adding several more new sites and features to All Of 'Em over the course of the next several weeks.

For further information, please visit the site at http://www.boardscanner.com

05/26/2002 - Dirty Gloves Inc Launches Content God v1.0

Dirty Gloves Inc Launches Content God v1.0
August 22, 2002 - Dirty Gloves Inc. today announced the launch and initial release of Content God version 1.0 http://www.contentgod.com described as the ultimate image and movie content manager, organizer, viewer, database, search engine, and gallery and site creator, all in one, for the adult webmaster.

Content God is a robust, highly-advanced application that runs on a Unix server. It is written in Perl to work on the greatest number of servers and utilizes a MySQL database. Despite its power it is quite user-friendly, is run from any web browser, and was built from the ground up with the adult webmaster in mind.

Dirty Gloves CEO Harry Kenney ("Dravyk") said "Since my very first purchase of a script as an adult webmaster, I've always had my software customized. I am rarely satisfied with existing off-the-shelf-ware, and I can always see additional features I want the scripts to do. After years of having scripts customized or built from scratch, I've always toyed with the concept of the having the Ultimate Script for the adult webmaster. Content God will be that script, and even in this initial version, it
practically is already."

Content God 1.0 can scan and view content on the server, have the webmaster add and assign groups, subgroups, classifications and types to the content, then call back the content by any of those parameters and have galleries and sites made. Using a template manager and also a sponsor manager for banners, FPAs and other promotional material, Content God can take that categorized content and with it create paysite members areas, free sites, feeder sites, basic AVS sites, and also TGP galleries with mirrors. These can be created immediately at the push of a button or put into queue and then made later at set times. Bundled free with it is a fantastic program, Web Edit Pro (which standalone sells for about $150) that allows webmasters to edit HTML files as they reside on the server.

Within a few weeks time, Content God will also include: a paysite updater as its own area, an AVS Premium site creator that will be able to switch out content automatically every month, the ability to handle multimedia movie files and create movie galleries, an auto-updater (so new versions will be sent to the program and automatically install new features), a logo generator module, and several more suprises that will remain secret for the moment.

Dravyk continued, "There are items we had hoped to have in this initial release that just could not be done in time, at least not up to the level of sophistication demanded. Already this program contains 150-200 seperate files, subroutines and modules to make it all work. There is a lot Content God can do right now, a helluva lot. But knowing what is going to be added in just the next three weeks, well, it will be amazing to see everything this program will be able to do in just a single month's time. We should be up to version 1.5 by then with all of the additions we will be adding. And of course all those minor upgrades -- for many programs these would be considered major upgrades -- are free to the purchaser."

Content God comes in two versions a Lite version which sites can be built on five domains only, and the unlimited-domains Professional version. There is already an affiliate program attached but that is for now invitation-only; the affiliate program will open publicly in about six weeks time.