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Since 1997, DTI Services has been offering money making Adult websites to individuals and companies around the world. Many of our sites have already achieved tremendous success with solid reputation in the adult industry

Our programs will not make you rich overnight, as our opportunities are solid money makers that have the potential to make you exceptional income for the long term. If you are serious about making money, you will find great rewards and profits by starting your affiliation with DTI Services. We currently host and manage over 40 web sites, including web sites owned by many of our competitors. If our competitors can trust us, so can you. We have a 100% clean track record with no complaints!

Note: The following are press releases that were released from DTI Services over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

10/24/2002 - DTI Services announces the test launch of GEISHACASH.COM

DTI Services announces the test launch of GEISHACASH.COM

Oct. 24, 2002 - Question - How can you make money from your existing resources?
Answer - GeishaCash.com can convert your previous traffic leaks into new income. We can convert Japanese speakers that previously just left.

DTI Services, one of Japan's largest Adult Entertainment companies and home of such popular Japanese net properties and CARIBBEANCOM.COM and 1PONDO.TV, announces the test launch of GEISHACASH.COM.

"GeishaCash is our first attempt to become involved with English speaking webmasters," says Phil Rubin, the company's new director of US Marketing. "While we look forward to bringing our exclusive mix of Japanese and Korean content to the states, our first priority is to focus on what we already do best - convert Japanese speaking surfers."

With that in mind, GEISHACASH.COM is currently open for new relationships with affiliate webmasters. Affiliates can use targeted links, banners, or simply dump all Japanese browsers detected by Java to it's sites. Payouts are a flat 50% of earnings for the lifetime of each customer. In addition, DTI plans on bundling new upsells with it's content on a monthly basis. With these ancillary programs (pay per view, live one on one chat, expanded hardcore niche galleries) bonuses of up to $35/surfer will be paid out on top of regular earnings.

In addition, the program is a two-tier product that also pays out 5% of referred webmasters earnings to the affiliate who referred the webmaster. So right now is a fantastic time to jump on the GEISHACASH wagon.

"There are close to 30,000,000 Japanese surfers estimated on-line. That is about 15-20% the size of the U.S. Market," says Rubin. "Right now, they hit traditional US front doors and immediately move off when they don't see Japanese join options. Our sites offer Japanese tours, join pages, transactions processing pages, and even 24 hour customer support in English and Japanese. Lost surfers now turn into realized profits."

The program intends on debuting a KOREAN surfer package in the next 60-90 days. DTI Services currently offers several Korean adult and gaming packages.

For more information, please visit www.geishacash.com or write info@geishacash.com. DTI Services is a privately held corporation with offices in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and the Caribbean.