Evil Empire Inc. Press Releases

Evil Angel, or "The Evil Empire" is a company owned by me, John Stagliano, that is organized in a completely different way than any other video porno company. I sell my videos, and I also sell the videos of several other directors. We are different in that I do not own the videos of these other directors. I only sell their videos and keep a percentage of the gross sales as a fee for my services. I started this arrangement because of my experience selling videos to other porno companies. They would buy my videos and own them themselves. I found that it was very difficult to build my reputation with the public this way, and also, I did not get any more money if I did a video that sold exceptionally well.

At Evil Angel I wanted to create a situation where the directors could be rewarded for the hard work they put into creating their product. Here the directors make more money if their videos sell more. This is a great incentive for them to find new and better ways to make videos. All indications are that this system works very well. The tapes and DVD's that we make are the best-selling in the business. Each one of our directors is unique in style and content, but similar in their commitment to create the best product possible.

John "Buttman" Stagliano

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Evil Empire Inc. over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

12/30/2002 - Evil Empire and X3 Throw ViP Party to Announce New

Dec 30,2002 - Evil Empire Inc. together with X3 Inc. would like to formally invite all the Internext attendees to come out to our VIP party where we will be annoucing our affilitate program for xxxblue.com as well as the recruiting drive for x3cams.com and the premiere of an exclusive amatuer video streaming portal at gonzofilms.com .
The VIP party combines networking, a true Vegas stage show and one of the wildest photo shoots during the Internext. The party's revolves around the sinsactional Dr Naughty show - adult hypnotist show [www.drnaughty.com]that makes its home at the Greek Isles hotel on the strip. The VIP Party will be held on Tuesday night and is an invite party due to seating limitations and the nature of the private show.
X3 has been waiting to make its grand entrance further into the adult market to build on our success with our hosting company. Not too many companies buy a floundering ISP and make it profitabile with mainstream clients -- we owe it all to the adult webmaster Dirty Doug, President of X3 Inc. [dirty-doug.com]
CNote, X3's CEO was quoted as saying, Don't miss this party just for the entertainment value alone! Not to mention the advances we've made with our Digital Rights Management system that allows us to increase sales to your bottom line without worry of your video being stolen.
If you want tickets-- you gotta see me says GonZo of Evil Empire Inc. Besides this bunch sure as hell is a lot better than that last one I worked with.
For Tickets see us in Booth 171, Ill be roaming the show floor and attending the Amatuer Roundtable as well. All sexual favors will be appreciated and probably photographed.
For more information email gonzo@gonzo.com or voice 404-739-9189 .