Express Pro Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Express Pro over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

05/18/2007 - Express Pro Names Tela Andrews Director of Business Development

SANTA MONICA, CA – Express Pro ( has announced Tela Andrews as the company’s new Director of Business Development.

Andrews comes to the search engine traffic and paid inclusion experts with an incredible resumé. Most recently, he was responsible for running the entire Adult category for the Sponsored Search group at Yahoo!.

At the global Internet service giant, Tela spearheaded efforts to create an all-Adult editorial team, increase the number of keywords available to Adult advertisers, and ensure that the next-generation ad platform possessed built-in support for Adult industry advertisers.

During his tenure at Yahoo!, Tela worked directly with the largest Adult clients and Yahoo!s product teams to ensure that next-generation products and distribution channels, such as Content Match, Mobile Search and the Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN), would be available for Adult advertisers.

He also managed relationships with large Adult clients in the Sponsored Search program and worked closely with agencies participating in the Search Submit Pro program.

Previous to Yahoo!, Tela served as CEO of Adult Media Network and Calanuk Software Development. He acted as Director of Technology at several prominent architecture and landscape architecture firms as well.

Tela’s presence at Express Pro gives the company an even stronger position of thought leadership in the industry, and he looks forward to helping the company deliver added value and volume to its traffic programs in the months and years ahead.

"I am truly excited. This is a chance to take all I have learned and execute without all of the red tape of a large corporation. My focus, and the continued focus of [parent company] GEC Media, is to drive client value through our traffic programs. The innovative technologies we are working on, our customer focus, and our core understanding of the search engines will allow us to change the game."

Tela’s search engine expertise will prove a boon to clients seeking improved conversion rates, too.

Express Pro is a GEC Media owned company located in
Santa Monica, CAfounded by Gregory Dumas. Express Pro specializes in driving targeted search engine traffic to client websites. Their portfolio of services includes paid inclusion, keyword marketing, domain management and more.

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