Focus Adult Press Releases

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Focus Adult. Although our name may be new to you our production team has years of experience in the adult content industry. Evoloving from Phoenix Content, we are poised and set to revolutionize the Content Industry by giving webmasters unmatched levels of quality and availabilty. Since it's inception in early 2001, Focus Adult, (Then Phoenix Content) has become known to provide High-quality Content at unmatched prices along with top notch customer service.

What's truly unique about Focus|Adult is the way we use forward thinking to address the market concerns and overcome the challenges our clients face. We believe, that in today's saturated Adult Market, our customers can rely on us to provide them content that converts. We focus on the market, respond to customers needs, and have the experience in the Adult Industry to help webmasters generate revenue. Hence our name, Focus|Adult.

Now, with our new industry-leading site, we'll be adding features and functionality unseen in the industry to date. We will continue providing top-knotch service and expanding our offering selection in the coming months so please check back to see what's new at Focus|Adult.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Focus Adult over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

04/03/2003 - Focus Adult Celebrates Its Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago Focus|Adult started out as Phoenix Content, a small and hardworking team desperately trying to break into the adult business by producing licensable photos for webmasters and adult industry professionals.

Although the internet market has shrunk from its revenue peak at the height of the dotcom boom, the business to business base of the adult market has continued to grow and the membership levels of Focus Adult have also grown as other producers have dropped out of the market. It's now one of the longest surviving companies in the content provider world. "There will always be a need for companies to produce high quality content, and there will always be competitors eager to jump into the mix" comments CEO Craig Keddie. "Focus Adult Content showcases not only our ability to produce that top-tier quality of content, but sets itself apart by never faltering in its quality level or commitment to customer service."

Focus Adult's flagship is Focus|Adult Content, is, and because of our success in growing over the past two years they've been fortunate enough to make the move to video production. This branching out will allow Focus|Adult to both bring video content at the levels of quality and price that our customers are accustomed to and associate us with, as well as bring back the $249 Monthly Content Club for webmasters who may have missed it before. This gives webmasters 20 Credits for $249, and is an $800 value!

"The growth in our production goals and deliverables has significantly lowered our operational costs" says Operations Manager Justin Farrne, "to the point that it's given us the ability to give our webmasters our photos for an unbeatable, unmatched price for this level of quality photos."

Another thing which makes Focus|Adult's content service different from many later web arrivals is that the company adheres to the original principles of Phoenix Content. Customer interaction and satisfaction. The addition to video production to the suite of products will mark the next big step and shift the market presence of Focus to a full-service
webmaster product producer while still maintaining phenomenal cost and production quality.

For information about this special and Focus|Adult, visit us at 249 Special ( and Focus|Adult Content (