Free Ones Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Free Ones over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

05/07/2007 - 100,000 Links listed at!

After years of hard and intensive work, has been able to achieve another milestone in its nine years existence: 100,000 links spread over more than 8500 babe link sections! This extensive database is yet again proof that is definitely the number 1 starting point in search of that special, hot and sexy babe.

The team behind works very hard in order to provide the visitors of, new, exciting and high quality links to their favorite porn star, centerfold, actress or singer. FreeOnes provides 100,000 links without compromising the quality everybody has grown accustomed to. As a matter of fact over 200,000 links have been reviewed during these years, but due to the short-lived existence of some sites and the constant updates by Freeones, has 100,000 links listed at the moment.

Roald, Business Development Manager of “We are proud that we have been able to achieve such a large quantity of links and all hand reviewed. Each day, keeps growing and developing in a challenging and interesting way and reaching this huge amount of links is a tremendous achieved goal! But of course we will not stop and rest, we will continue enlarging our site with quality and interesting links in order to keep our database fresh and updated as well as constantly adding new features to keep the surfers attention.”

For more information you can go to or contact Roald at:

02/22/2007 - announcement: SnowGathering 2007 CANCELLED!

Driebergen – The ; 22 February 2007 is very sad to announce that the SnowGathering 2007 has been cancelled! The organization sees no other option due to major recent developments like the Radisson Sas Saga Hotel revoking today (22 February 2007) its decision to receive the group at the hotel. Unfortunately the hotel has not been able to cope with the intense media and political pressure and decided to buckle down to the pressure of some groups who share the opinion that choosing your profession is out of the question unless they support this profession. cannot support or understand the decision taken by the hotel since we have done our utmost to comply with all the wishes and demands requested by the hotel after the whole media explosion. Legal assistance has been sought in this matter since believes the cancellation and the consequent financial losses (both material and time wise) have been carried out without any legitimate or legal grounds. Despite of the legal counseling, the SnowGathering can not be held due to this last minute hotel cancellation.

The SnowGathering has been discussed even by the highest authorities in the country and even today the Police Department and the Department of Immigration are trying to look for ways to refuse entrance into to attendees of the SnowGathering! This decision has been taken after several statements by that we were going to obey all Icelandic laws (especially the ones connected to pornography!). AND even after the guarantee by the Reykjavik Police Department that we were going to be treated like normal tourists. It seems that being connected in any way to pornography has become a new Icelandic law for declaring you persona non grata in their country. A country that seems to care more about adult women taking their clothes off – by their own choice, without any pressure or threat - than about the extinction of living creatures like whales!

In the last few days has been under constant attack of a lot of people and groups, but fortunately there were also people (including a lot of Icelanders) that have shown their support to our event. would like to thank everybody who has been able to understand that the discussions in were not solely about the SnowGathering but about everybody who makes an honest living in this industry.

Attendees will be contacted personally.

Should you have any questions or comments concerning these developments you can contact Cristina:: tel: +31 88 386 4903 / ICQ: 433–161-595

01/30/2007 - SnowGathering 2007: Laptop Give-Away! announced today that during the SnowGathering 2007, which will be held from the 7th until the 11th of March 2007 in Reykjavik – , three laptops will be given away!

Last year, gave away two Club Jenna snowboards (thanks to PornstarBucks) and this year’s attendees will have the chance to win not one, not two but three laptops! Contests will be held from the 8th until the 10th of March, with one attendee per day winning one laptop.

Maurice, owner of “The SnowGathering will be held upcoming March and we want to make sure our attendees will look back on a great time in
Reykjavik! The giving away of three laptops should be a sign to everybody that once again we are doing our utmost to make sure SnowGathering 2007 is an even bigger success than last year’s edition!”

For more information about the SnowGathering go to or contact Cristina Ponga at / ICQ 433-161-595

Cristina Ponga Vega

Event Manager

Funix BV

Postbus 59

3970 AB Driebergen

Tel: + 31 -88 - 38 649 03