GenX Law Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from GenX Law over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

09/24/2004 - GenX Law Releases Customized 2257 Register

GenX Law (, a partnership of a legal professional and an adult business owner, now hold the exclusive rights to mxdevelopment’s 2257 Register software.
We customized 2257 Register so that it exactly models the regulations, leaving no holes with which the government can litigate against an adult entertainment company.
Rather than explaining how the features accomplish this task we have provided an online table for companies to access. In this table we mirror the regulation to 2257 Register, thus demonstrating how the software keeps you in perfect compliance.
Regulations vs. 2257 Register:
Furthermore, 2257 Register not only keeps you in perfect compliance but there are several other features created for the sole benefit of making your life easier. Just to name a few; 3 Levels of security - Administrator, Read Only & Read / Write users, Full system logging - recording each action by every user for any audit needed, SQL export - supports exporting all data to CSV files, import feature which automatically adds content provider’s information to a webmaster’s database, and an auto update feature which allows the webmaster locate upgrades of the software instantly.
The goal of GenX Law in creating 2257 Register is to protect the adult entertainment world. It is for these reasons 2257 Register is available for an extremely reasonable rate, for both single and sponsor copies. Moreover, we can even have the software installed to your server for a minimal extra fee.
GenX Law has made certain that with 2257 Register, every compliance document is at your fingertips, and in turn available for the Department of Justice on DEMAND. So when the federal government comes knocking at your door, rather than finding record-keeping holes, thus justifying your jail time, all they will find is perfectly kept documents - and that is our ultimate goal.