Hushmoney Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Hushmoney over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

05/03/2007 - Hush Money's Posts Incredible Returns

Calif. – Affiliate program Hush Money today announced that initial returns on are in, and conversion and retention rates are even higher than expected.

From Bridal Gowns to Big Black Hounds is the motto at this interracial site which pits legendary black polester, Richard Mann against a collection of hot, Caucasian brides-to-be. Yes, these girls will be honest women in the morning, but tonight they’re satisfying a lifelong desire for black meat, a company spokesman said.

The site is built on exclusive content drawn from parent company, Hush-Hush Entertainment’s DVD series of the same name.

Unique twists on popular niche concepts have long been the name of the game at Hush-Hush Entertainment, owner and founder Andrew explains.

“Everything we do here is fresh and new and exclusive. You never have to worry about played out content or ideas at That’s an across-the-board commitment, from sites to sales tools and beyond. We’re a full-on production house that is constantly creating new, best-selling DVDs, and that content feeds all of our sites. From talent to tone, you can always tell a Hush-Hush title from a mile away.”

Little surprise the Hush-Hush team recently announced they had renewed their exclusive contract with Richard “The Abominable Black” Mann.

As with every site in the catalog, is accompanied by numerous sales and marketing tools. With timesavers like the Hush Money gallery builder and a co-branding option on the horizon, marketing the new site couldn’t be easier.

Payouts options on are 50% recurring and up to $35 per join. A 10% referral bonus is available as well.

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04/09/2007 - HushMoney Celebrates Success of Paysite

Calif. – Affiliate program today announced that one of the company’s newest sites,, has been posting unprecedented conversion and retention rate numbers in recent weeks. is one of four sites that launched alongside a completely revamped a few months back.

The site is built on exclusive content drawn from the Freaky First Timers DVD series, produced by parent company Hush-Hush Entertainment.

As the name would suggest, the focus here is on girls willing to do anything to break into the biz.

Frank, in-depth interviews with the young, would-be starlets preface each extreme hardcore initiation. What results is a wild mix of humor and erotica, one that has been a Hush-Hush Entertainment trademark since the beginning.

The success of can also be attributed to the stars themselves, many of whom go on to become true, super-starlets.

Sasha Grey, for example, was a Freaky First Timer before she scored two AVN awards earlier this year.

Hush-Hush Entertainment owner and founder Andrew calls the success of a testament to the hard work that went into building the site.

“We knew the content would translate well to a paysite. Freaky First Timers has been a best-seller since we streeted the first DVD in the series. It was just a matter of creating the right guest tour and marketing tools, ones that would capture the enthusiasm and unbridled intensity inherent in every scene.”

The guest tour is dynamic, quick-loading and filled with strong, teaser clips.

Marketing tools for the site include banners, FHGs, a gallery wizard, free video and photo content, and much more.

In the weeks ahead, co-branded sites will be made available.

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03/23/2007 - HushMoney Launches Monster Cock FuckFest

Calif. – Masters of the hardcore interracial site, today announced the launch of Monster Cock FuckFest (, the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of high-converting paysites.

Monster Cock FuckFest is a unique reality site, built on content from parent company Hush-Hush Entertainment’s DVD series of the same name. The site premise hits surfers like a ton of bricks the moment they land on the homepage: exclusive, hardcore orgy scenes of insatiable white girls embroiled in a monumental test of endurance, tackling the biggest, black dicks in the biz, one after another, with muster and fortitude.

“Monster Cock FuckFest is like nothing else out there,” offered Hush-Hush Entertainment owner and founder Andrew. “The DVD series exploded the moment it hit the street, and we expect the site will perform likewise. Surfers can’t get enough of this stuff, and that’s great news for affiliates.”

Every site in the portfolio is built on never-before-seen content that is unique and unbelievably fresh. Properties like,, and, just to name a few, have proven themselves time and time again, making surfers stop, take notice and put their good money down.

Monster Cock FuckFest is bolstered by frequent updates and a cadre of proven sales tools, including banners, FHGs, Gallery Wizard, free video and photo content and more.

Co-branded sites are on the horizon as well.

Hush-Hush Entertainment has made sweeping changes to its affiliate program arm over the past month. Former program home, underwent a complete overhaul and was reborn, The company’s server farm was swapped out and replaced by a more robust, high-performance back end. New sites were added and longtime favorites were updated and improved.

Said Andrew, “We bit the bullet, and now have an infrastructure designed to accommodate rapid growth and deliver an even better, more responsive end-user experience.”

In the days ahead, HushMoney will be announcing the launch of another site:

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03/23/2007 - HushMoney Launches Bachelor Party FuckFest

Calif. – Affiliate program, Hush Money ( today announced the launch of, a new addition to their catalog of raucous, high-converting adult sites.

Bachelor Party FuckFest is built on content from Hush-Hush Entertainment’s eponymous DVD series. The concept: it’s bachelor party night for a groom-to-be, and his best buddies are on-hand to make sure it’s unforgettable, no matter the cost. The result is a mélange of suds, sluts, humor and extreme hardcore.

“We’re really proud of BPFF,” said Hush-Hush Entertainment owner and founder Andrew. “We’ve got a group of talented directors on the team, and they know how to fill a scene with energy and excitement. You can tell a HushMoney site the moment you hit the homepage, and Bachelor Party FuckFest is no exception.”

Brandishing high-octane clips and a montage of evocative photos, the Bachelor Party FuckFest guest tour was created to make surfers take notice and convert traffic en masse.

Said Andrew, “Our guest tours mirror our member content. The thundering action that explodes on each tour page resonates throughout the site. It’s the reason HushMoney paysites retain as well as they convert, and the reason so many affiliates send traffic our way.”

Like every destination, BPFF is backed by an armory of polished sales tools, including banners, FHGs, a Gallery Wizard, free video and photo content and more.

Today, webmasters have multiple program options to choose from, including 50% revshare and up to $35 PPS. A webmaster bonus program worth 10% for life is also on the table, and a reward store will be unveiled in the weeks ahead.

Bachelor Party FuckFest isn’t the only new site in the HushMoney canon. Monster Cock FuckFest ( was just unveiled as well.

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