Juice Box Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Juice Box over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

06/26/2002 - Microsoft Digital Rights Management mates with Near-VHS-Quality Adult Video!

Microsoft Digital Rights Management mates with Near-VHS-Quality Adult Video!

JuiceBox.TV is a new website streaming near-VHS-quality feature length download and view adult videos protected by Microsoft's DRM (digital rights management). This new technology allows consumers to build a personal library of their favorite videos while fully protecting the copyright interests of adult video companies. Each new rental unlocks ll
previously rented videos. For example, if a consumer had previously rented 9 videos, renting the 10th one would allow viewing of all 10 videos! The rental terms are $5 for 5 days with a 25% weighted royalty payout to the adult video company, including those videos previously downloaded into a customer's personal library.

According to JuiceBox.TV CEO Karl Miller, "Our goal is to aggressively compete against local adult video stores, something the Internet has not yet accomplished because of prevailing poor video quality and a consumer-gouging pay-per-view scheme based on wasteful video streaming technology. JuiceBox.TV will change all of this with better quality video, lower cost to the consumer, and higher sales volume due to repeat rental customers. All of this will result in higher net profits to adult video companies. Skyrocketing sales will more than compensate for the reduction in profit margins."

JuiceBox.TV currently features all of Dave Cummings (DaveCummings.com) videos, including the Sugar Daddy (23), Kneepad Nymphos (3), and Sex Fun (8) series. Also, 14 titles from Gentlemen's Video (GVIncXXX.com) are online, featuring several with Mr. 18 Inch!

JuiceBox.TV's royalty payout allows adult video companies to continue profiting from past rentals using a cooperative royalty distribution system that provides for consistent income flow.

For each $5.00 rental, the adult video company receives an immediate 67.5 cents, and an additional 67.5 cents is contributed to a shared royalty pool. At the end of each month, each adult video company will receive their share of the royalty pool based on their number of rentals to date. An 80% cap prevents any one highly successful company from hogging the shared royalty pool from all others. Email Karl@JuiceBox.TV for a spreadsheet example along with the video contract and a detailed case by case description of this innovative rental system.

Another state of the art adult product at JuiceBox.TV is their medical quality PC controlled erotic hyperstimulator called the JuiceBox. This technology was featured on Playboy's 411 Christmas Special last year. Playboy models Naughty & Kissy Kai are now performing Electric Lap Dances in Las Vegas with the JuiceBox. The release of the home version is planned for later this year. Also, development is well under way to hyperstimulate vaginal and penile muscles and nerves in perfect synchronization with JuiceBox.TV's adult video action... providing a very erotic "what you see is what you feel" Internet experience! JuiceBox calls this Video Coordinated Electrical Stimulation or VCES (vee-sees).

JuiceBox.TV is actively seeking feature roles for their JuiceBox technology in upcoming adult videos. Suggested scenes for this are: alien abductions, mild S&M, doctor/nurse, sci-fi, or dream sequences. Email Karl@JuiceBox.TV or call 888-290-6344 if you are a video producer interested in High Tech Sex!