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We are and WE ARE DIFFERENT. We all know that conversion ratio's in this industry are going down and its becoming harder to compete and make money. Could this be because the surfer sees the same "standard pay site tours" and "boring sales slogans" every single day?. Or could it be because we are trying to sell porn to surfers who have FREE access to it from TGP'S, Free sites etc. Probably both - so why not promote more sensibly? Promote US.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Mens Niche over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

09/24/2004 - Releases Version 2.0

Nottingham, England - Men’s Health Products company is proud to announce it’s new make over- V 2.0.
The newest version of incorporates the latest in tracking technology, now one can view their sales by the locating the country, or by using their IP. Other new features include over 3,000 new banners, interactive ads, and full- page advertisements for the entire line of Mensniche products. is also excited about their newest unique linking methods, the company has over 20 pre registered review sites accessible for webmasters to utilize “’s new “Hub Technology” pays you on up sells, cross sales, exit pops and email campaigns. It’s never been so easy to get paid using our full line of products, we have a lot of weapons in the Mensniche arsenal” says company President, Darren Beale.
Beale also goes on to say, “We have added ePassporte for our payouts to webmasters, our affiliates are very happy, we have never sent out a late payment, just BIG payouts to webmasters.”
The UK based company also boasts 24-hour affiliate support seven days a week says company spokesperson Kevin Blatt, “ truly believes when you worry about your affiliates, you don’t have to worry about your competition.” is the leading affiliate program for webmasters who wish to sell men’s health products from their websites. offers a 5% Webmaster referral, which is a recurring commission for as long as that Webmaster continues to send traffic. offers the most comprehensive line of products for men, however now you can market to women. Check out their newest line of products such as...
About is the leading affiliate program for webmasters wishing to up sells Men’s Health Products. been in business for over three years. For more information about V 2.0 please contact or visit today.

01/30/2003 - New Network Of Unique Sites Launched!

January 30, 2003 -We are proud to announce the launch of MensNiche consists of 5 high quality unique sites. Standard features include IP and cookie tracking, cascading billing, payment on upsales, exits, paypal sales, daily hosted galleries and exceptional promotional material. We believe that when you send us a surfer you should get FULL credit for this surfer for 6 months. This means if they purchase anything on the network, you WILL get credit.

Our beta testing as shown that our unique sites will convert with any sort of traffic but especially targeted, TGP and paysite member area traffic. Our unique system as been setup with the sole purpose of earning you more money and it is now ready for you to experience. The sites are as follows:
Paying $20 per a signup and $20 recurring for the lifetime of the member. This unique site is updated 5 times a day with much more than just the usual XXX. Member retention is awesome and this means that your bottom line is awesome as well. Why accept $40 per a signup when you can get a lot more with this site. 2 alternative tours as well, tour 1, tour 2.
The only penis enlargement pill system that offers you recurring payouts as well as up to $35 per a bottle sold. Our site is setup so that the optimum order is 4 months supply so commissions are great. From within side the pills member area we upsell to all our other sites.
A unique penis enlargement manual which is now paying $32 per a signup. From within side the member section we up sell to ProSolutionPills which could net you another $100+.
An attraction and seduction guide which pays you $28 per a signup which is the highest payout in the industry for this type of site.
A premium sex guide site which blows the competition away, awesome design guarantees conversions and now paying $28 per a signup. In the member area we also up sale to all our other sites.

Take advantage of these highly unique sites and start making some REAL money today. You can join the network of sites and promote any of the sites by signing up at

MensNiche Team

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