Neb Content Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Neb Content over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

07/12/2002 - Neb Content's Photoset to Appear in Hustler's Barely Legal

Neb Content's Photoset to Appear in Hustler's Barely Legal

Neb Content has one of their recent photoset accepted by Hustler's Barely Legal magazine. The photoset features Marie, a native of Southern California. Marie is an extremely attractive, all natural 19-year old brunette with 32C, 23, 34 measurements. The photo session was shot at a Southern California beach location in April 2002 with a 4-person camera crew headed by Ken Neb, Director of photography of Neb Content.

From an interview conducted with Ken Neb, he stated this particular photo assignment was different and more exciting than the usual shooting sessions. For one, when working with the strikingly attractive, young-looking model, he knew if he and his crew can capture her natural beauty, there was a good chance to get the photoset published. The session was shot with two photographers using Canon DSLR (digital single lens reflex) and a Canon film camera shooting slides. There were also two photographer assistants at the shoot helping with moving gears and holding reflectors.

As to date, Neb Content had worked with more than 120 models and shot over 50,000 original images as well as 40+ hours of videos since January 2001. Beginning in March 2002, Neb Content decided when the models with the "right looks" come along, they will shoot for both web content as well as for submittal to magazines. Magazine editors receive hundreds of submissions each week, so the selection process is extremely fierce. As a professional photographer, when work is accepted for publishing, one is very proud that certain photographic excellence has been achieved. According to Ken Neb, the company will submit more photosets to all of the major industry magazines for publication in the future.

For those of you want to take a quick peek of Marie, the upcoming Barely Legal beauty, you can see her image at the homepage of Neb Content,

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05/24/2002 - Neb Content Opens for Business

Neb Content Opens for Business

May 24, 2002 - Neb Enterprises, Inc. announces the launch, its high-quality content providing site. Neb Content is own by a group of highly skilled professionals consist of attorney, photographers, graphic designer and web programmer. The core group was carefully assembled during the past 16-months.

To date, Neb Content has photographed and video taped over 100 models and an inventory consisting of over 50,000 original photographs as well as over 40-hour of digital video. The latest digital SLR cameras with L lenses are used to produce all still photos and the videos are shot using the state-of-art 3-chip digital camcorder.

Neb Content is planning to become a mega content provider that will provide images to every conceivable niche. The company is launching the site with initial categories consist of Single Girl, Single Guy, Girl/Girl, BBW, Peeing and Foot-Fetish. Categories in BJ/69, Boy/Girl, She-Male and streaming video will be added in the coming months.

What set Neb Content apart from the other content providers is the company's philosophy to shoot only amateur models instead of established porn stars. Neb Content is able to obtain rarely seen models doing extremely naughty acts. The images are much more explicit than other content providers. For example, most of our Single Girl sets include anal probing shots as well as DP shots with either toys or fingers. Because Neb Content shoots amateur models, the production costs is slightly lower than shooting the professional porn models; therefore are able to pass on the savings to adult webmasters. Webmasters will be pleasantly surprised that our sets are high quality, more explicit and cost less.
Other unique feature offered by Neb Content is in the Single Girls sets. Webmasters are given a choice in selecting Glamour or Natural sets. Undesirable images (weird expressions, out of focus, bad lighting. etc.) are removed in our initial quality control process in all the sets. In the Natural Photo Sets, we preserve the "Genuine Amateur Look" by not removing the blemishes, stretch marks, birthmarks, bruises, shaving burns, scars and tattoos. Natural Sets cost less to produce, so the savings are pass on to adult webmasters. Natural sets are ideal for the webmasters desiring the "True Amateur Look".
Glamour Sets are ideal for webmasters who demand the "Glamour Babe" look. Glamour Photo Sets have smoothed out skin imperfections. As the result of this process, the images are glamorous and high-gloss, similar to the "Playboy Look". Glamour photos do cost more due to their extensive photo editing process; therefore the cost of the sets will be slightly higher.
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