Net Cash Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Net Cash over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

02/22/2007 - NetCash Demonstrates 5-10% Increase in Joins on MPA3 Merchant Sites

Los Angeles, CA – February 2007 – Mansion Productions announced today that it is encouraging all merchants who utilize the MPA3™ affiliate software solution to implement NetCash®. To date, MPA3™ merchants who have implemented NetCash® have increased revenues between 5% and 10%.

NetCash® allows consumers to make anonymous online purchases. It is incredibly feature-rich and easy to use. At the same time, NetCash® provides merchants with recurring billing, cross-selling, and other revenue-maximizing features – making NetCash® incredibly merchant-friendly, as well.

“Simply put, we’re impressed with the results,” said Oystein Wright CEO of Mansion Productions. “A 5-10% increase in joins and revenues translates into an even greater increase in profitability for our MPA3™ merchants.

“We are recommending that each of our MPA3™ merchants immediately implement NetCash®, given how strongly accretive it is to revenues and earnings.

Merchants who utilize our MPA3™ affiliate software solution can implement NetCash® in as little as a few hours.”

“We’re extremely pleased with the initial results,” said Peter Shapiro, the CEO of Net Cash. “We intend to build upon this success by utilizing the same rigorous analytical approach to testing and optimization that allowed us to become very successful in previous online ventures.”

He added: “These initial results suggest that there is a substantial segment of the online audience that is concerned about their online privacy and security. We are confident that NetCash® will rapidly become a ‘must-have’ for merchants seeking to aggressively grow their earnings.”

About NetCash

NetCash® is an easy-to-use online payment solution that allows consumers to make purchases anonymously, securely and conveniently. Consumers can either purchase NetCash® online with a credit, charge or debit card or can buy NetCash® with real cash at over 52,000 retail locations around the . When consumers purchase NetCash®, they receive an anonymous code, which is then used to complete their purchase. Net Cash, LLC was founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who believe that there should be an online equivalent of cash and the anonymity, security, and convenience that goes along with cash. For more information, visit