New Target Media Intl Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from New Target Media Intl over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

09/04/2002 - CS4Members.Com - New Customer Support for New Target Media Intl. Customers

New Target Media Intl. : SunnyJack and Team at New Target Media Intl. is proud to announce new customer support for all customers from all existing and future pay and free services.
In the never ending attempt to satisfy our customers we have launched a professional customer support. Freindly design, easy usage and top quality service will make our clients feel exceptional. We hope it will cause our clients to return, and that with benefits to all our webmasters.

New service you can check here:

We proudly inform that launching the Customer Support Service is a forerunner to the upcoming projects. We didn't waste our time for the last few months and we're about to prove it.

Check our sites here :

Corporate site :

Design Service :

Customer Support :

Additional information : Jack -

06/02/2002 - New Target Media Intl. Launches Corporate Web Site

New Target Media Intl. Launches Corporate Web Site

New Target Media Intl. is keeping up with the pace. Two weeks ago we've informed the world on the launch of our designing studio and already now we're glad to invite you to our brand new corporate site
"It's a place where you can find out all about what our company does, the people who make it happen and to discover what's new about it. Our aim was to create an umbrella, which will be a link between all our present and feature business initiatives," says Jack Greber.

Visit or contact Jack ( for additional information.

Jack Greber ( SunnyJack )
New Target Media Intl.
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