Nova Submitter Press Releases

The database of TGP/MGP-200 sites, base LL-220 sites. The databases "NOVA Submitter" contain more than 1200 TGP/MGP sites and more than 200 sites LL. Our employees constantly control changes on sites, making modifications in databases, supporting high quality of submit this way. For your convenience, the program "NOVA Submitter" when starting up verifies the versions of your program and databases, with the versions on our server. In a case if on server there are renewed versions, the program will offer you to load them. Automatic (90 %) and semi-automatic (10 %) filling of the forms of TGP/MGP/LL sites. The automatic filling of the forms of TGP/MGP/LL sites can happen in 20 parallel flows. On the basis of results of automatic filling it is created the list of successfully processed sites and list of TGP/MGP/LL sites which require filling of the some fields manually. Approximately 90 % of sites are submitted automatically and 10 % of sites in semi-automatically. Automatic submit by e-mail. In databases of "NOVA Submitter" there are some tens sites, which accept submit only by mail. For each site there can be created an individual template of the letter, depending on its rules. Distinguishing feature of our program, is the support of original headings, and mailing various addresses, depending on the chosen category in the Descriptor. This function gives an opportunity to create e-mails completely suitable for any TGP/MGP/LL site. Automatic confirmation with partner account recognition. After filling the form on TGP/MGP/LL site, there comes an e-mail to your mailbox, where you should confirm the registration. "NOVA Submitter" contains built-in module of confirmation, which completely automates the above described process. "NOVA Submitter" also successfully copes with confirmations, where it is necessary to click given URL-address and insert a code of confirmation. For your convenience, the program checks all e-mails for presence of partner accounts, and if there are any, it will select such mails for you. It will save your time on reading mails, and you will be always sure that you haven't missed mail with such important information. Recognition of practically all graphic and text codes. Many prestigious TGP/MGP/LL sites require to enter special code (passphrases), which appear as raster image. The majority of submitters can make mistakes on this step. "NOVA Submitter" is able to analyze the image and to distinguish a necessary code. Nowadays "NOVA Submitter" recognize practically all known types of codes (more than 30). Opportunity to set quantity of submit flows. Our program allows to create up to 20 parallel flows for submit. By the way automatic submit will take approximately up to 20 minutes. It is necessary to set the quantity of flows, according to configuration of your computer, and also speed of your Internet connection. During automatic submit, you can go through all sites in a semi-automatic mode, that will save your time. Generation of gallery HTML files. The rules of the majority of TGP/MGP/LL sites require so-called "recips" (reciprocals) on your gallery page, which are banners of other TGP/MGP/LL sites. "reciprocals" means "mutually advantageous", "mutually obliging". Thanks to them TGP/MGP/LL sites enlarge their traffic. Opportunity to set different styles of html

tag. The program "NOVA Submitter" offers convenient means for creating styles of your recip table. Here you can set up basic parameters of html
tag, and also quantity of lines and columns for recips. By default, all the set information will suit the majority of web-masters, but you can change them according to your wish. The following attributes are supported: width of the table (in percentage or pixels), thickness border of the table, background color, border color, cellspacing and cellpadding. Putting recips considering "friends" and "enemies", niche of a site and amount of traffic. When putting recips, it is necessary to take into consideration established rules and to take into account: relations of TGP/MGP/LL sites, traffic on sites, niche, quantity of recips on galleries etc. All these criteria are included in algorithms of "NOVA Submitter". Opportunity to mask of a name for generated HTML pages. One more unique opportunity of "NOVA Submitter "is the opportunity to set a mask of a name of generated pages. This way, each user can set his own distinctive mask. Besides, you can use classic numbering of yours HTML indexes (gallery1.html, gallery2.html etc.). Opportunity to set name of the mask for sites that don't allow recips or sites that allow only 1 recip. For sites that do not allow recips or sites that allow only 1 recip, program generate mirror, by the name of its site. Also program gives you opportunity to set alternative name for these sites. The system of profiles allowing to set all possible data in a convenient way. The usage of profiles makes it possible to add, delete and edit TGP/MGP/LL sites, to set the password for sites, where you have "partner" status, to set an alternative username and name of the mail box in case if your access is blocked. At any moment you can save your profile, and continue after loading it again from that place where you have stopped. Support for individual proxy for each profile. The program gives you the opportunity to set up different proxy servers (with authorization support) for each profile. Automatic saving of Cookies in profile. Many TGP/MGP/LL sites, save "Cookies" on your computer when visiting submit page. This way they have an opportunity to trace the moment, when you will go there next time. Taking into account, that you would like to submit again with different data, "NOVA Submitter" will set up different "Cookies", according to the chosen profile. It will give you an opportunity to pass by the scripts on side of TGP/MGP/LL sites, and will increase amount of the distributed galleries per day. Built-in FTP module for loading galleries, "recips" and "thumbs". After generating of HTML files of the gallery, you should load them on web server of your page by FTP. Having built-in FTP module at your disposal, "NOVA Submitter" offers you to make it by clicking the button once. Export and Import of projects. Project includes all necessary data for submitting. This gives the opportunity for submit and confirm on other computer. Submit statistics. "NOVA Submitter" allow you to view submit statistics for the last 24 hours. Opportunity of adding to base new TGP/MGP/LL. Using regularly updated TGP/MGP and bases of LL sites, from more than 1500 units, "NOVA Submitter" also allow to add your own TGP/MGP/LL to general base or to create your own lists of sites to work with concrete TGP/MGP/LL! 100 % conformity of your gallery to rules of TGP/MGP/LL sites. Few developers of submitters can be proud of this part of their product. Our experts paid special attention to this question while creating "NOVA Submitter". The unique means of "NOVA Submitter" allow to achieve the highest results when selecting of TGP/MGP/LL sites, which rules and niche correspond to the description of your gallery. This makes you be sure that you will not get the status "blacklisted" on TGP/MGP/LL sites. Opportunity to set different codes of HTML "recips" for different categories. "NOVA Submitter" allows to set various codes of HTML "recips" for different categories, that is very important on LL and large TGP/MGP sites. Due to this function, the web-masters of TGP/MGP/LL sites will willingly accept your gallery, as it will increase the quality of traffic on their sites. Opportunity to set up individual "delay" for each site and for all together. Some sites put up scripts for checking the time of submit process. To avoid this problem, you can set submit delay. The built-in module for convenient creating of "thumbs". During creation and registration of the gallery you often have to create thumbs of the certain sizes. For this purpose "NOVA Submitter" offers convenient means in the special built-in module. "NOVA Submitter" creates the list of the thumb sizes necessary for submit, and you have just to choose picture, what to use for creating thumb. Dividing all TGP/MGP/LL sites to niches. "NOVA Submitter" offers a qualitatively new level of choosing categories during submit. Dividing sites to niches, gives you an opportunity to submit your gallery only to those sites, which can accept your gallery. If there is a category Hardcore on a site, and the site has niche Asian, and you will distribute gallery "Hardcore with niche Black ", the submitter will ignore this site. It will save your time, and also you'll be not banned by those sites, which will be ignored. Besides ,"recips" will be also divided into niches, that is not less important. When viewing your gallery web-masters of TGP/MGP/LL sites, check "recips", and when mentioning the "recips" of the same niche, chance that the gallery will be accepted considerably raises. System of considering ratings of TGP/MGP/LL sites. The rating gives an opportunity to see amount of traffic on a site, that is very important while putting recips. Also rather often it is worth to register the gallery only on prestigious TGP/MGP/LL sites, which have big traffic and high rating in tops of "counters". By means of "NOVA Submitter" your gallery will be registered only on those TGP/MGP/LL sites, which rating (traffic) fits the barrier, set up by you. Very simple in use. From the very beginning when working on this project, we paid much attention to convenience and simplicity of working with the program. "NOVA Submitter" is very logic in its actions. No questions will appear while passing from section to section. The sections, made in one style, competently located zones and design will make you enjoy working with the program.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Nova Submitter over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

02/03/2005 - New Auto-Submitter Announcement - Nova Submitter

Dear Webmasters,
We want to represent you the new program for submit - Nova Submitter.
Our product isn't just another usual program for submit, that includes all necessary functions. This program will change your concept about submitters' work in the nearest future.
Our product includes a lot of different rules, that are set by web-masters of TGP/MGP/LL sites. Thus, you won't be included in blacklist, on the contrary, you'll get a marvellous chance to get a partner's account. All sites in our program are divided into different niches, that allow you to differ Asian from Black, Softcore from Hardcore and etc. All this allow our program to check these sites for submit thoroughly, therefore adding them in turn for submit.
Try our submitter now and you'll understand, that submitting can be much easier and more productive!
For more information, please visit our site.