PocketStrippers Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from PocketStrippers over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

05/02/2002 - PocketStrippers Announces "Pocket StripGuide" for the Pocket PC and Palm Platforms

March 26, 2002 - Pocket StripGuide, a new product just released for the Pocket PC and Palm, is a comprehensive guide to topless and nude exotic dancer nightclubs in North America. The guide allows an individual who is traveling to find the best exotic dance clubs wherever they may be. The guide lists many details on over 2,000 clubs including…
" Operating hours
" Cover charges
" Types of clientele (blue collar, white collar, mixed)
" Types of exotic dancers (topless, nude, go-go style)
" Styles of dancing (table, lap, etc.)
" Dress codes
" Drink specials
" VIP offers and more

The guide is based on the printed "Exotic Dancer Directory" from Exotic Dancer Publications, which has been published for the last 12 years. Exotic Dancer Publications is a well-known and respected leader in the exotic dancer and club owner's industry. In fact, they host an industry conference and expo attended by exotic dancers, club owners and industry leaders from all across the US each year.

James Rafferty, president of PocketStrippers states, "There are web sites where bits and pieces of the data are available but it is usually incomplete or out of date, we wanted to make sure that the data is as reliable as possible and assume that an Internet connection is often not possible or practical while on the road. That's why we chose Exotic Dancer Publications as our source and integrated the data into a stand-alone application. Having this guide on the PocketPC and Palm allows anyone to carry the data with them wherever they may be. It's all about convenience!"

Details of the Pocket StripGuide are as follows…
" Over 2,000 club listings
" Easy lookup of clubs by state and city - fast
" Small memory needs - uses advanced compression technology
" Data is constantly being updated - free updates for one year
" Available for PocketPC and Palm OS

Price at $24.95 the Pocket StripGuide is available now at www.pocketstrippers.com

Jim Rafferty - "I see the handheld market as a new opportunity to take your life on the road. Adult entertainment, and entertainment in general, will be very exciting on these new devices. The possibilities are endless."

Contact: James Rafferty
(831) 476-2332