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Note: The following are press releases that were released from Porno Dose over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

04/22/2003 - Pornodose Launches An Innovative Concept For Both Pornseekers and Webmasters

Pornodose, a company in the online adult industry which started its operations earlier this year, has created an innovative concept that eases pornseekers' search for free-trial adult websites by providing enhanced filtering options. This unique concept also creates opportunities for newbies as well as advanced adult webmasters to own a version of the directory and earn money more easily. To increase the quality of free-trial pornsites, the directory is filled manually and the ratings are done by experienced adult website reviewers.

The innovative concept of Pornodose! allows pornseekers to search the directory using enhanced filtering options. For example, pornseekers can choose the niches of the sites they wish to view, as well as the free-trial period of these sites (3-day, 1-day,etc.). They can also search whether sites contain pictures, videos, and/or live shows. Although 90% of the directory contains sites with no pop-up windows, the visitor still has the choice to sort the sites by the range of pop-up windows they generate (ranging from none to extensive).

Pornodose is also offering a partnership program of its free-trial porn directory to newbies and advanced webmasters. This unique program is by far the best opportunity to increase traffic, make more sales and create enormous long term wealth. By registering to Pornodose's partnership program, a URL is instantly generated for the webmaster and a percentage of the directory's sponsors IDs is replaced by the ones provided by the webmaster.

The uniqueness of Pornodose's partnership program also lies in its well-designed, solid, and trustworthy back-end system. The automatically-generated version of the directory contains up to 85% of the sponsor IDs pointing to the sponsors of Pornodose's partners. This percentage increases as the daily average of unique visitors increases. All the partner has to do is to note the URL of his newly created web page and market it. This is the most lucrative win-win situation found on the net.

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