Pulse Web Ventures Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Pulse Web Ventures over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

12/05/2002 - Webmaster Joint Launches Gold Schlong Webmaster Forums

December 5, 2002, Dallas, TX - Pulse Web Ventures (Webmaster Joint/Adult Webmaster Gold) announces the release of the Gold Schlong Webmaster Forums (http://www.goldschlong.com). These new forums promise to be even more informative, feature-filled, and rewarding than ever before.

Webmaster Joint has spent many months continuously developing new and improved content for webmasters, and the creation of a more centralized place to meet was a natural next step in the right direction. The new forums include many features that will aid in networking and enjoyment.

The board features a personalized calendar that can be used to announce upcoming events, or even to keep track of personal events, which cannot be seen by other forum members. For webmasters who would like to save a localized copy of public events, as well as their own private events, the calendar can then be exported to Outlook with the click of a button.

If you would like to be given permission to post your own public events, please contact Danny at danny@adultwebmastergold.com. If he feels your events are worthy of inclusion, you will be given an account with which you can post your events to the public any time.

Gold Schlong offers a unique rewards system, offering prizes specifically designed to help webmasters succeed. These prizes include content, hosting, and other industry-related prizes. In order to cash in on these rewards, we have implemented a program which will credit you with “money” for every post you make. For every new thread you create, you will be credited with 12 Schlong Bucks. For every reply you make, you will be credited with 10 Schlong Bucks. Once you’ve accumulated a certain amount of Bucks, you can cash them in on prizes. Remaining Bucks will be saved for future purchases.

There will also be a number of extra prizes and privileges. At 100 posts, you will be rewarded with a t-shirt of your choice. At 250 posts, you can edit your own rank title. After just 40 posts, you gain the opportunity to post one industry-related announcement on the public board. After just 300 posts, you will be given the opportunity to advertise on the board. More details about these great opportunities will be announced very soon.

Also, a great referral system has been implemented. If you refer someone to the board, be sure that they enter your user name in the sign-up form so that you will be credited with the referral. Even more rewards will be provided for webmasters who send a number of referrals.

Please take a moment to come register at http://www.goldschlong.com/, and send your friends in order to accumulate referral points!


Danny Collins


ICQ - 103230788

Cell Phone - 281-731-3952