Purve Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Purve over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

08/01/2002 - Purvebucks Releases Purvebucks V2

Purvebucks Releases Purvebucks V2

August 1, 2002 - To celebrate our 4th Birthday, Purve.com announces the Launch of PurveBucks V2.
Purvebucks is now paying $35 per free signup to our 5 premium women's sites!!
Purve.com was launched in July 1998, as the first adult entertainment paysite for women.
We begin our 5th year with many changes, all aimed at making it easier for Webmasters to maximize the profits from the women in their traffic!

Program Details ....
$35 per free signup
5 premium women's sites
Payments every 2 weeks (1st & 15th)
New stats & tracking system
Variety of Banners, including softcore for mainstream
Extensive assistance & education to help get you started

PurveBucks was started in 99 as a recurring program for our original site Purve.com - BigHardDick followed soon after and then three more sites were added to our portfolio.
We have been experimenting with our sites extensively during this time, gathering data to produce a set of sites which cover a wide range of women's sexual interests.
The design & presentation of our 5 premium women's sites has moved more towards mainstream internet, where 50% of the traffic is women. In the world of household spending and online shopping, women lead the market with 70% control. Our goal is to find those women and introduce them to the adult world.
Women who do surf porn will purchase subscriptions to sites which are 'better than anything else they could find'. Often there is a high percentage of women members (10% - 30%) in "General" Porn (categories such as live shows, mega porn sites, group sex etc), because the subject matter is less offensive than other genres. While some women are happy to sign up to general sites, many are just turned off by way the content is presented with the male surfer in mind.

Getting Started ....
To sign up for Purvebucks V2, or for more information regarding our program Visit our site at http://www.purvebucks.com.