Ripened Peach Entertainment Press Releases

It's simple, and it's free.  Show our member's ads in your message board sigs and your ads will be shown in theirs.   SigSwap is like a banner exchange for adult webmaster traffic, but our banners show in forum posts, right in people's sigs, on over 65 of the top adult webmaster message boards on the web.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Ripened Peach Entertainment over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

12/19/2002 - SigSwap Launches World's First Adult Webmaster Sig

December 19, 2002, Deltona, FL - Ripened Peach Entertainment has launched, the world's first adult webmaster sig button ad exchange. With SigSwap, your ad is shown to thousands of webmasters in the place they are most likely to see it, webmaster forum posts. Your ad button
goes into rotation in forum poster's sigs, meaning everyone who reads a thread containing a SigSwap sig has a chance to see your ad.
Impressions and click through rates are amazing because unlike with other ad exchanges, SigSwap ads can't be hidden at the bottom of a page or elsewhere. They're right there in each post, easy to see, and very hard to miss. "Webmasters are going wild over this thing," says Jak F., Vice President of Ripened Peach Entertainment. "People's ads are showing up in forums all over the place. Even the forum owners are excited because SigSwap gets more people posting in order to increase their own impression credits. Everyone wins out and the response so far has been fantastic."
SigSwap is the number one way to reach adult webmasters. Sign up for free today at and get 1000 free bonus credits as part of our opening promotion.
About Ripened Peach Entertainment: Based in Deltona, FL, USA, Ripened Peach Entertainment is best known for their virtual reality stripper software, Strip Kittens ( and for their work in the world of mainstream game development (How in the World, Inc.). SigSwap marks the first of the company's several planned