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Note: The following are press releases that were released from RLW Publishing over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

11/21/2002 - RLW Publishing Released Adult Arcade Games

RLW Publishing Released Adult Arcade Games
November 21, 2002 - RLW Publishing today released Adult Arcade Games, a much-needed adult oriented interactive game site. In today’s market higher member conversion and retention is needed to compete in the adult market. Adult Arcade Games can help both the pay site operator and the free site operator increase the bottom line.

Pay site operators can take advantage of the customized game plug-ins offered by Adult Arcade Games. It has been proven over and over that games added to a pay site increase both member conversion and member retention. All interactive game plug-ins are customized to fit the feel, look and needs of each pay site.

Free site operators can keep surfers on the site longer and cause bookmarking by providing games for the surfer’s enjoyment. By keeping a surfer on your site longer you can display more ads to him or her. This, in turn, equals more sales chances for the free site operator.

A lucrative 50/50 affiliate program is also available for site operators to promote. Free games are offered for use with the affiliate program for marketing purposes. The affiliate program also makes a great upsell for AVS sites.

Interactive games are highly addictive. Mainstream sites have known this for quite some time. Look at the high popularity of all of the game sites in the mainstream world. RLW Publishing with its Adult Arcade Games brings much-needed interactive addicting games to the adult side of the web.

Games also help create a sense of community and competition. Let your members or surfers compete for the top player positions. Hold competitions, compete with other sites. See who's members are better. Competition and a sense of community go a long way with member retention.

Adult Arcade Games currently has over 50 highly addictive adult games to offer. More games will be added over the next few months for a total of over 1000 adult games. Most are in final preparation and testing now.

Current games include jigsaw puzzles, picture search, video poker, black jack, smack an ass, sex memory, old classics with an adult twist and more.

For further information, contact Rob Whisonant at rob@rlwpublishing.com or visit the game site at http://www.adultarcadegames.com