Sex Toy Press Releases

 Since 1994 the largest, most user-friendly, and most popular Adult sextoy site on the web. We were the first sextoy site on the internet to start an affiliate program, and have one of the largest sextoy reseller networks on the internet.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Sex Toy over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

09/30/2004 - Offers Lower Prices To Customers, Members, and Affiliates’s affiliate program now offers a lower price program where affiliates can sell toys at lower prices in exchange for a slightly lower commission. “When we began back in 1995 we always had the lowest prices, but lately we have seen other sites popping up with prices below ours. We didn’t want to force everyone to drop prices and commission levels, so we created this voluntary program for those who think lower prices will increase volume enough to make up for the lower commission,” President Dave Levine explains.’s free membership wholesale program also started offering discounts across the board based on volume. “We used to offer discounts upon request to larger customers, but now anyone who orders enough automatically gets a discount,” explains wholesale fulfillment manager Teresa Palmer. Orders over $500 get a 5% discount, over $1000 get a 10% discount, over $1500 get a 15% discount, and over $2000 get a 20% discount. Regular high volume customers can get approved for permanent discounts regardless of particular order size.
President Dave Levine stresses that he is not interested in lower prices just to undercut the market. “We are lowering prices to match the realities in this competitive market. We want our customers to trust that we always offer the best products and great service at prices as low as anywhere on the internet.”