Spanks Cash Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Spanks Cash over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

10/01/2003 - '' New Beginnings'': Andrew “AndyMike” Yancey Crea

Los Angeles, CA - Native Floridian Andrew Yancey is taking his talents to the next level - he will begin a new company called SpankCash, a company he developed in order to support his clients after he moves officially to the company October 1st .
AndyMike leaves ChiChi and ChiChiClicks one of the most cutting edge content providers who’s front is the Rainbow’s worlds version of Dame Edna ­ ChiChi herself. The California native told AVN Online his move is almost entirely to do with returning to his marketing roots, where he has the opportunity to find the hottest new wave of content in the adult industry. But while he also cited friendships he developed among the team of SexxxyContent and HotCamBoiz, Andrew also insisted his decision had nothing to do with ChiChiClicks themselves.
"It's coming as a shock to a lot of people," said Andy, who has also been apart of ChiChi’s sales team giving them the edge and quality in customer care and pricing. "A lot of people were not expecting me to ever leave, and it has nothing to do with the current company I am with. It's a personal decision, and it's a personal opportunity to grow. In starting my own company SpankyCash I am able to promote and develop content that will be the next generation in the gay adult market."
Andy’s friendship with SexxxyContent's Director of Marketing Robert Warren a 9-year veteran to the gay and straight industry began on the Webmaster’s largest forum YNOT as both serve in a distinguishing position as moderators.
”In creating SpankyCash I am able to offer my friends (*webmaster clients) something new and innovated that their members want to see.” Andy speaks. HotCamBoiz is sold through SpankyCash and SexxxyContent. Our feed is currently nominated for a Cybersocket Web Award for "Best Specialty Adult Pay Site" this year. Andy continues, “Not bad for a content provider that has been around for under a year but has created superstar status ‘buzz’ in an industry that appears to copy on another. I saw the direction and creative talents behind the team of SexxxyContent as well as HotCamBoiz and felt that it was important to get the word out and offer more venues for webmasters to obtain the next ‘wave’ of talented offerings”.
”We are very proud of our feed HotCamBoiz based out of Florida, and with Andy’s knowledge, experience and reputation there is no limit to where this can go.” Says Robert Warren. “Andy is well loved by all and I am very honoured to not only work with him, but to call him my “closest” friend.
SexxxyContent’s other feeds LiveTwinksCam, BlackShots and their affiliate program ManSexxxy that offers up to 40% payout can only echo in any webmasters mind “Ka-Ching”. SexxxyContent and SpankyCash’s goal is to provider webmasters feeds that will not only increase memberships but shut the backdoor. “It’s not about maintaining a website, you need to rethink that you are maintaining a community instead.” We offer content that not only develops that, but will scratch those hard to reach spots when it comes to niche markets.
"We have some new ideas that are going to make it bigger than what it was. I saw the opportunity and jumped on that. Rob’s also a good friend of mine, he has a great personality, we work very well together."
But, for all the professional advance that will come to him, Andy said, the big motivator was the industry needed a “New Beginning”. "Those who have bought content off of me become family," he said. "Some content providers are stuck in their own little market wondering why sales are down, laying off sales people and never understanding how anyone new in the industry could survive. SexxxyContent and I will survive because if those webmasters are getting our feeds. Why us rather than someone that has been selling content for years? We are prepared to develop selective feeds just for a Webmaster (SexxxySelect) but most of all ­ become involved with the marketing strategy of their clients.”
“This is the strategy of SpankyCash and SexxxyContent, we don’t want be like the big players instead we will develop content that they don’t have ­ content that we feel Webmasters and their members are searching for. When it comes to the “twink” market then we tweak what twink content is already out there to give the gay community what it really wants.” Andy concludes.
Visit or to get more details on their program. Contact Robert Warren ( or Andrew Yancey ( or visit (