Truecash Press Releases

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Note: The following are press releases that were released from Truecash over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

07/01/2002 - Truecash Starts Live Webmaster Support Room

Truecash Starts Live Webmaster Support Room

July 1, 2002 ­ TrueCash, the popular adult Web site affiliate program, announces the launch of a brand new live Webmaster support room. The new IRC chat room is monitored throughout the day by TrueCash staff members, giving affiliates an additional live support option should they require
assistance with any aspect of their TrueCash accounts.

“Sometimes Webmasters just need to ask a couple of questions and they don’t want to wait for an email response,” explains Danielle, Director of Sales and Marketing for TrueCash. “This new support room gives our Webmasters a quick and easy way to get in touch with the TrueCash support staff so they can get their questions answered and move on to other tasks as quickly as possible.”

The TrueCash support room is staffed every weekday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. To access the room, Webmasters can either log into the TrueCash Extranet on using their account username and password and then clicking the “Live Webmaster Support” link, or they can use their own IRC client and connect to the server “” and then join the “#truecash” discussion channel.

TrueCash Webmasters can earn up to $40 for each trial membership that they generate. Signing up for a TrueCash affiliate account is completely free, and TrueCash Webmasters are provided with ads and free content to use in their promotional efforts. Interested Webmasters who are not yet
affiliates can visit anytime to get a free affiliate account.

For information: or Contact: Phone: 407-788-8311

06/26/2002 - Truecash Releases Free Exclusive Nina Marachino Content For Webmasters

Truecash Releases Free Exclusive Nina Marachino Content For Webmasters

June 26, 2002 - TrueCash, one of the longest-standing adult site affiliate programs on the Internet, today released a collection of free content to its Webmasters that features the beautiful and talented Nina Marachino. The new content being offered includes exclusive picture sets, full page ads and a live "teaser" show feed with video and audio that Webmasters can use on their own sites to help convert more sales.

Nina, an amateur Web girl and live hostess for TrueCash sites, will now perform a daily "teaser" show in addition to her daily "members only" shows. Webmasters can offer the "teaser" shows free of charge on their own Web sites by either linking directly to the "teaser" show, or embedding the show into their own Web site. Using Windows Media technology, the "teaser" shows feature smooth video, full audio and a live chat room. Surfers can see and hear Nina, and interact with her through the chat room.

"This content is something that no other adult affiliate program can offer its members," explains Oz, president of TrueCash. "The name of the game is turning surfers into paying members, and quite frankly nobody does that better than Nina. If a Webmaster can put viewers into Nina's live shows, she will make that Webmaster a lot of money. The more surfers that a Webmaster can send, the more money Nina can make for that Webmaster."

Nina joined the TrueCash team in April as a site "hostess," providing an intimate and personal experience for TrueCash site members. In addition to live daily shows, Nina provides new photo galleries weekly, and she interacts with members through her message board, daily diary entries and email. The free content that TrueCash released is designed to help Webmasters promote Nina and the unique experience that she offers.

"When promoting an amateur Web girl, the main thing you want to push is her personality, the fact that she is a for-real girl who does this because she loves to and because it turns her on," explains Nina. "It's very important to stay away from the stereotypical porn star look and verbiage."

TrueCash Webmasters can pick up their free content anytime by visiting the Web site. Webmasters who are not already affiliates can visit the Web site and sign up for a free affiliate account at any time. Affiliates can choose to earn up to $40 per-signup or 60% plus recurring on all sales. Payout checks are mailed twice a month.

For information: or
Phone: 407-788-8311