World Wide Feeds Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from World Wide Feeds over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

03/22/2007 - Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Webmaster Savings

Calif. – To toast success, the next generation in streaming video, today announced a price-slashing one-year anniversary promo aimed at recruiting new webmaster clients.

The promotion makes adding WWF’s state-of-the-art IP-TV feeds more affordable than ever. New customers can begin taking advantage of these member-retention stalwarts for a bargain $2.50 per gig. The rock-bottom price assumes a $99 per-month minimum, and all feed niches are included in the deal.

It’s been an incredible 12 months for World Wide Content’s sister-company, and WWF CEO Jimmy Rock could not be happier. “The sheer number of webmaster clients we’ve added since launch has outpaced our expectations, and the whole team thanks the entire industry for the support. We hope this anniversary promotion inspires every paysite owner to give WWF’s IP-TV solution a chance. You won’t be disappointed.”

In the year since launch, WWF has made scores of improvements and technological upgrades to the feeds as a result of client input. Today, WWF 2.0 boasts 3,000+ scenes in a database covering 32 straight niche categories, in tandem with 1,000+ scenes across 7 gay niche channels.

New French feeds are a recent content addition, and titles from production house Visage Films will be added to the list soon.

As with every video in the WWF library, this content is certified 2257-compliant.

The weekly-updated WWF represents a new benchmark for quality in terms of content delivery. The attractive interface delivers intuitive navigation, short buffer times and Fast-Forward, Rewind and Pause buttons that operate more like a set-top DVD player than an online console.

WWF continues to add more and more targeted ad tools perfect for marketing the streaming solution to adult surfers around the globe.

Said Rock, “True IP-TV is still at the forefront of video broadcasting, and we’re here to ensure you always receive the highest level of video streams along with uncompromising customer care.”

WWF has also instituted a webmaster bonus program, paying out $250 for every new webmaster referral.

For additional information, visit or contact Jimmy Rock at today.

11/30/2006 - Launches Free IP-TV Feeds

GLENDALE, CA –, whose leased content product has single-handedly brought the IP-TV (Internet Protocol Television) revolution to adult Internet, today unveiled, which offers free, streaming video content to online businesses and truly gives the IP-TV experience to webmasters.

The free plugins are available to all free and paysite owners. Adding FreeXXXPlugins to any website is a simple affair: just visit, fill out a short form and pick up the custom linking code.

The feeds are as easy for surfers to enjoy as they are for webmasters to implement. There are no required plugins or lengthy downloads, and automatic bandwidth detection ensures that every end-user is served up a stream that matches his connection speed.

Like, FreeXXXPlugins offer user-friendly navigation with niceties like instant fast-forward and rewind. The weekly-updated content is DVD-quality, and all the scenes are uncut and drawn from new, hit releases starring the biggest names in adult.

With, the operative word is, “FREE.” That means there are no monthly fees, bandwidth restrictions or webmaster obligations of any kind.

All content is 2257-compliant as well.

As co-founder Jimmy Rock explains, is part of a comprehensive marketing program purposed toward exposing the company’s groundbreaking technology to more webmasters.

"This is for industry colleagues who haven’t yet seen our premium, IP-TV feeds through WWF. It’s perfect for free sites, or for webmasters who are just getting their feet wet in the biz. In short, it’s our way of offering everyone no-cost, high-quality content!"

To add FreeXXXPlugins to your site, visit or Email Jimmy Rock at today.

10/30/2006 - Launches New P.O.V. Channel

Glendale, CA –, whose self-titled leased content product has brought the IP-TV (Internet Protocol Television) revolution to adult Internet, today announced the addition of a P.O.V. channel to its program library.

P.O.V. is an acronym for Point of View. In P.O.V. videos, performers play directly to the camera, giving viewers an engaging 1st person view of the action.

As WWF CEO, Jimmy Rock explains, the new channel comes in response to webmaster interest. “We’re in constant communication with our clients. A Point of View channel was on a lot of their wish lists. We got right on it.”

The new P.O.V. channel hits the WWF interface now with 52 new scenes, and new scenes added weekly all drawn from top-quality producers’ newly-released content. Now a total of thirty three straight channels and eight gay channels to choose from.

Said Rock, “This adds up to hundreds of hours of sizzling P.O.V. action, starring the hottest, freshest, young talent in the biz.”

The new P.O.V. channel can be integrated into mega-channel players or it can stand alone as a dedicated, P.O.V. player.

WWF boasts an enormous variety of straight and gay niches. Straight side options includes Gangbang, BBW, Lesbian, Porn star and Amateur with many more! Gay offerings include Hairy, Twink, Black, Uniform and much more.

Starting at $99 per month, the price of WWF is within every webmaster’s reach. For budget-minded and niche-targeted paysites, individual and multi-channel players are available, too.

For additional information, Please contact:

Jimmy Rock

ICQ: 285-748-329

or call 1-888-Adult-50 today.

10/03/2006 - Version 2.0 Launched!

ANGELES, CA– version 2.0, a significant upgrade for the streaming, IP-TV video solution, went live this week.

The new enhancements in WWF 2.0, products of client suggestion and in-house brainstorming, are certain to make the chore of providing members with fresh, constantly updated high-quality content even easier for industry professionals.

Immediately evident is the improved look and feel of the WWF player. It’s fashioned with a larger viewing screen, more intuitive controls and automatic bandwidth detection.

To create a cohesive end-user experience, new, white label versions of the player are available for custom logo placement and unified company branding . As well, a new multilingual Help screen has been added, supporting German, French, Polish and English-speaking audiences.

As always, the content is certified 100% 2257 compliant.

WWF has been in high demand since its initial launch, and today the company counts some of the biggest names in adult as clients. As CEO of WWF, Jimmy Rock explains, it’s no surprise.

“IP-TV is what’s next. For the mainstream world and for adult Internet. IP-TV is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television. It’s DVD-quality, full-screen digital video with minimal buffer times; it’s rich color and sound; it’s fully functional fast-forward and rewind navigation; and WWF is the only company in the adult space that provides it.”

An incredibly effective member retention tool, WWF is more than a quantum leap forward technologically. The product includes an enormous library of weekly-updated, uncensored straight and gay content crossing 30 niche categories, and offers end-users a ton of exclusively licensed scenes that cannot be found anyplace else.

Among the many niches covered on the straight side are Gangbang, BBW, Lesbian, FemDom and Amateur; and on the gay, Hairy, Twink, Black, Uniform and beyond.

Said Rock, “Your member retention is our first order of business. Straight feeds are updated with a minimum of 100 new scenes a month, and gay feeds are updated with 50. New additions cover every niche, and one or all niches can be selected for the same price.”

As well, it’s important to note that WWF is updated with 100% brand new, exclusively licensed content that was shot fresh in 2006.

WWF is a very affordable addition to every webmaster’s leased content portfolio. Starting at $99 per month, the price of WWF is as user-friendly as the interface. For budget-minded and niche-targeted paysites, individual and multi-channel players are available as well.

WWF also offers multiple payment options to support their customer’s needs.

To celebrate the release of WWF 2.0, webmasters who sign up today can test out the revolutionary product for two weeks free.

For a demo of WWF version 2.0 IP-TV visit For additional information, contact Jimmy Rock at or call 1-888-Adult-50 today.